Dear friends,

Being a former Lewes City Councilman for 6 years, having once run for Sussex County Council on a managed growth platform and losing to Democrat Lynn Rogers by 3 votes, and being a dedicated Republican leader for many years, I have maintained an interest in County politics. Interestingly, Lynn Rogers and I have become friends and communicate occasionally.

I supported both Cindy Green and Mark Schaffer for County Council because of their experience and personal knowledge that I clearly understood. Although John Reilly won his election for Council against Keller Hopkins (who I supported because of my personal knowledge of Keller’s dedication and efficiency when he was the Republican County Chairman), I am concerned about a few things.

Apparently, one of the coveted ideas for Sussex Council People is to nominate someone for Planning and Zoning and have them approved. Each candidate should be approved based on their merits, not on petty crap.

Outstanding citizen Bob Mitchell was nominated by Cindy Green and he was voted down 3 to 2 by an extremely partisan, political majority led by Mike Vincent, who are dedicated in my view, to deterring any positive nominations made by Green or Schaffer? Character and qualifications were not considered in my opinion, for Mitchell. He was voted down because he was nominated by Cindy Green. Revenge, petty crap, and disgustingly wrong, are factors that are clearly apparent in my opinion. The fix was in!

Frankly and furthermore, the election of a life-long Democrat Greg Fuller, who switched parties and was supported by the Sussex County Republican Party over Candice Green Wilkenson, for Register of Wills was, to me, beyond my understanding. More petty politics and why Sussex Republicans are famous for eating their own. Nobody knows that better than I.

Jim Weller says he is going to run against Cindy Green in her next election. I write to over 20-thousand people these days in my Coastal Network Operation. I will have fun writing about that potential contest.

So be it, comments are welcome? (: (: !!

Sincerely Yours,

Judson Bennett-Coastal Network