Dear Friends,

I hit a nerve that resonated with my readers about how incapable Delaware’s Governor and our now shamed Chancery Court of making a monumental, or big decision as the nation watches. It’s sad that America’s First State pales in comparison to other states in our grand country when it comes to thinking of the greater good, and not just what’s good for the cronies in Delaware.

I enjoyed hearing from you all… here are 10 interesting comments I chose to share from the hundreds that everyone sent in. I removed the last names to protect your privacy.

“Our Governor is the most anonymous Governor in the U.S.A.”



“You are right to give our dumpster fire of a governor a hard time. Carney is nearly invisible at this point.”



“You’ve described so well how much of what really goes on in our Chancery Court is simply to appease those in power in our state. No one seems to care or even take notice.”



“I used to think you were making controversy when there really wasn’t any. Now I know that you have been a lone voice for a long time and people and the media now are saying what you’ve been saying!”



“Judson, I think you’re beating a dead horse here.”



“Maybe you’re right. Maybe they’ll do nothing. Let us know what happens..”



“I don’t have faith in our leadership to make a strong decision.”



“I laughed when I read your “act on matters of great concern.”

Not in this century or the last. It’s sad.”



“This advocacy group can press for as long as they want. They’ll get nothing out of our leaders.”



“This is important. I hope these guys step up for a change.



Thank you for your feedback, folks. Keep them coming! They are always welcome and appreciated.


Best Regards,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network