Dear friends,

Let’s take a quick look at what Joe Biden has done so far with unbelievable executive orders that make absolutely no sense, other than to intentionally create disruption, poverty, and control?

  1. Biden has stopped the Keystone pipeline, destroying thousands of good paying jobs, and indirectly destroying millions of jobs and businesses that depend on the oil and gas industry. The pipeline was the epitome of environmental protection, was pristine, safe, a spectacular enterprise for America— and now it is gone. Where are the new green jobs? Folks there are none ! It is all bull shit.
  2. Biden has stopped construction of the Border Wall, costing thousands of more jobs and the waste of billions of dollars. Biden has ordered the Border Patrol, Ice, and all federal authorities to stop all deportation of illegal aliens—even hardcore criminals and gang members. Basically turning the United States into a sanctuary country. Thousands a day are crossing the border. The system is completely melting down and the southern border is literally wide open! It is becoming another national emergency. Why would he do this? Is he that ignorant, that far out of touch?
  3. Joe Biden through his authoritarian pen, is destroying female sports in the United States by allowing transgenders (men who want to be women) to participate in female sports. Regardless of female injections, the development of breasts, and even the removal of the male productive organs, these transgender athletes are still males, and retain the male, genetic strength, which in most cases, superior to that of females. To allow an extreme minority, who in my view are ridiculous, having extreme, unnatural surgeries, to be allowed to participate in female sports, and to win top places and prizes, when they are not really females, is acutely unfair! Why in the hell does Joe Biden think we have Men’s sports and Women’s sports in the first place? This will affect scholarships, future Olympics, and even professional athletics. It is absurd! Folks this apparent agenda of Joe Biden’s is crazy, malicious, and beyond reason? The 2nd amendment is soon to be obliterated, freedom of speech is already under attack (even I have experienced that from within my own party), and your economy is being locked down. Frankly folks, I almost fear the insipid, indecisive, “go along to get along Republicans”, more than the power hungry, authoritarian Democrats.Anyway, so be it. That is my rant for the day. Much more to come about Delaware, the Justice System, and Joe Biden.As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated. I will engage you! 🙂

    Sincerely Yours,

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