Who is DELAWARE U.S. Attorney David Weiss – Monster, Criminal, Lightweight – Compromised Over Hunter Plea Deal??

Dear Friends,

Former President Donald Trump, in my opinion, made innumerable mistakes in the people he surrounded himself with and the people he appointed to high positions, many who consistently betrayed him. Trump, as our President, had a great platform and the intestinal fortitude to deliver it. Unfortunately, he did not realize, as a true-non-politician, how intrinsically evil some of these people were. He sure knows now!

In my view, one of the worst individuals Trump appointed was Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who Trump–without serious, internal investigation–unfortunately trusted! Weiss has been carrying Biden’s water ever since he was involved in the justice system and apparently has been doing his bidding as long as Biden has been a politician, like so many high level Delaware leaders have done for years. Biden has fooled so many Delawareans, regardless of party, and in my opinion, is a truly corrupt politician, a liar, and a cheat, who has escaped scrutiny because of his charisma and the corrupt “Delaware Way” (The wink and the nod that has been going on for years in the first state). Weiss, from my reliable information, possibly operated unethically in the past and unjustly persecuted an individual at Biden’s bidding?? That is another interesting story that could eventually be exposed??? As a political pundit with thousands of readers, I am the man to do it once I have all the facts. Stay tuned.

All this being said,  Weiss as the U.S. Attorney for Delaware has covered up and delayed for 5 years the investigation into Hunter Biden, for tax fraud, violation of gun laws, influence peddling involving his father (The President of the United States) and the entire Biden family. I have spoken to innumerable prosecutors and attorneys and nobody takes 5 years to investigate and prosecute these crimes. The evidence from Hunter’s Laptop and testimony from former business partners is so overwhelming, there is and has been obvious protection by Weiss in collusion with a weaponized FBI? Any logical, reasonably intelligent person would question these absurd and outrageous developments. Now Weiss has offered Hunter an unprecedented Plea Bargain, involving no jail time! Any ordinary citizen would have done serious jail time for these crimes. WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON FOLKS???

Adjectives, in my opinion, that could describe Weiss at this point are as follows: Lightweight, Corrupt, Incompetent, Sycophant, Unethical, Compromised and Criminal? Which is it? Weiss claims he has the sole jurisdiction, yet credible IRS whistleblowers say he told them he did not have complete control over Hunter’s prosecution? The Whistleblowers were then removed from the investigation? AG Garland has stated Weiss was in complete charge, yet there seems to be evidence that Weiss was compromised by the DOJ? Is Weiss acting alone or is he compromised? Bottom line, if he acted alone, Weiss is an unethical, lightweight with limited character, who has given special consideration now and over the years for the Biden corruption, and will go down in history as an incompetent monster, or he has been compromised by a corrupt Department of Justice and in that case he should be impeached? Then he should be indicted and go to prison?

In a letter to Weiss from Congressman Jim Jordan where Weiss claimed he had complete control, Jordan wrote something to the effect, “ Who told you to sign this letter?” Obviously, Congress has huge concerns, and any thinking American should be outraged!  Hopefully, the Congress will get to the truth.

Weiss, if indeed pressured to protect the Bidens by a corrupt DOJ, could come clean, expose the truth, negate the “Plea Deal” with Hunter, and prosecute these people to the full extent of the law; he could then become a vindicated hero? I am not holding my breath folks.

That’s the way I see it.  What do you think? Your feedback is most welcome and appreciated, whether you agree or not. Let me hear from you about these amazing developments.

Respectfully submitted,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

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