Dear Friends,

I appreciate your feedback on the Delaware News Journal finally putting a white-hot spotlight on Chancery Court Corruption and the layers of harm that it is bringing to America’s First State. The damage over the years may be insurmountable at this point. May our elected officials read your words and take action! 
Here’s a handful of feedbacks that capture what so many of you wrote in to say: 

“It is about time that the newspaper of record in Delaware puts heat on this issue!”
-Ed M.

“Why it took so long is for another day. Now that the issue is raised, let’s do something about it.”
-Cynthia P.

“Thank you for writing about this, Judson. You’ve been saying it for so long. Glad to see others taking note.”
-Robert B.

“The Chancery Court is doing damage to Delaware. Our governor needs to strike back.”
-Pamela N.

“Excellent piece by Keandra McDole in the Journal. Let’s hear more from her on this.”
-Beverly V.

“Delaware is in crisis mode. I’m concerned and my neighbors are too. Thanks, Jud.”
-David C.

See my Coastal Network stories below. Thank you for your emails and feedback, which is always welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network

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