Dear Friends,

I am happy and honored to support my good friend Kim Stevenson (R) from the Lewes area who is running for the 6th State Senatorial District seat, once held by Ernie Lopez, now occupied by Russ Huxtable (D) who apparently is a typical woke policy type who has done nothing.

Kim has served on the Sussex County Planning and Zoning and done an excellent job, I know Kim to be extremely intelligent, ethical, and dedicated to doing the right thing. The democrat administration in Delaware wants to control everybody’s lives. Did you know if your child wants a sex change and you object, they can take your child away from you! This has got to stop and Kim will work to maintain your freedoms in all areas. I believe she has an excellent chance of being elected.

Here is a short bio of Kim’s accomplishments:

Kim Hoey Stevenson believes that the role of government is not to pick winners and losers, but to level the playing field for everyone. As the former vice-chair of both Sussex County and Milford Planning and Zoning Commissions, she was known for her research based stances and not being afraid to stand up, and often alone, for important issues.

She is an award winning writer and journalist and a 2023 Delaware Division of the Arts Emerging Artist for Literature: Fiction. As a journalist she has written for Reuters, Gannett, the Associated Press, PARADE Magazine and Delaware Beach Life. Her writing and personal travel have taken her around the world. Most notably, she was in Somalia during Operation Restore Hope to cover the changeover from US to United Nations forces and what Delawareans were doing as part of those efforts.

A graduate of Wake Forest University, Kim used her degree in psychology to help co-author the book, “Overcoming Misfortune: Children Who Beat the Odds,” a book that explored the positive side of psychology.

As a member of American Mothers, Inc, Kim is an active member of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women on a global basis. In 2023, she was part of a panel discussion on parenting in the age of electronics. 

Kim lives in Lewes with her husband and daughter where she volunteers with her church, the League of Women Voters. They have six grown children and 19 grandchildren. She enjoys writing, cooking, knitting, painting and reading — when she gets a chance.

Kim Hoey Stevenson

Candidate for State Senate

District 6


PO Box 143

Nassau, Delaware 19969

[email protected] 

Yours truly,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network