Dear Friends,

If Joe Biden prevails and the massive fraud on the American Presidential election is allowed to stand, folks you are going to see drastic changes in your lives that are unprecedented. The Pandemic, in my opinion, created and unleashed by the Communist Chinese, financially connected to Joe Biden and his son Hunter, regardless of the outcome of the Georgia Senate elections, will and has been used as a tool to control our lives.

Indeed, the Coronavirus is dangerous, however, as the fatality rate is very small and only those who are elderly or have pre-existing conditions have to be concerned. I am diabetic and I have to be more careful. I personally take that responsibility, as we all should.

However, to literally put people out of business, by inhibiting, restricting, and limiting production and sales because of the Coronavirus is beyond absurd. That is exactly what is happening in Delaware where the officious and wrongful priority by a Governor, to literally destroy people’s incomes, because of a controversial opinion of a few scientists, is in my view criminal.

Lockdowns do not stop the virus. As soon as the lockdown is lifted, it comes right back! A vaccine, which is apparently imminent, hopefully will solve the problem of the recent boost in actual cases. Until then, it gives Governor John Carney another excuse to institute his dictatorial authority.

Delaware, with all of its corruption (The Delaware Way, including every aspect of the 3 branches of government, especially the Chancery Court) is and will continue to be a microcosm of Joe Biden’s insidious experiment. For all intents and purposes, John Carney is a pupil of Joe Biden’s and his failed government was only reelected because the whole Biden scenario is so entrenched with the New Castle County Blacks, Union laborers, and unemployed liberals, that regardless of devastating Delaware’s economy, the Delawareans blindly follow Carney into financial destitution under the guise that it is a real emergency.

The business people who have been crushed by Carney’s prohibitions and probably will go completely under once Carney’s new restrictions take hold, have some disturbing things to say. Unfortunately, people who own businesses are in a huge minority in liberal Delaware, and will always be usurped by the left-wing mob. This left-wing Democrat state, that makes 1/3 of its income from the franchise taxes from incorporations, ironically is one of the most business-unfriendly states in America.

As always your comments are welcome and appreciated. God bless America!

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network