Smyrna Council Members Vote to Double Local Property Tax Rate

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I like to address local Delaware issues occasionally. I was once a city Councilman in Lewes for 6 years. Approving and managing budgets, city expenses, and future development is an important part of the job. Constant fortitude and perseverance on a yearly basis is necessary to run a successful city government. I wonder about the city of Smyrna, Delaware which suddenly doubled its property taxes. Apparently for the city to make this extreme adjustment to stay above board was necessary, however this move will affect business property owners severely as well as many residential folks.

Low property taxes have been a boon and a blessing for Delaware folks for years. Not so now for Smyrna! I question the reasons and efficiency of the Smyrna Mayor and Council. We would have been lynched if we doubled the property taxes in Lewes!

Not far from the town itself is Delaware’s top state prison where most of Delaware’s incorrigibles are housed and occasional executions are carried out.

Please read the articles below about this significant financial development.

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Smyrna Council members vote to double the local property tax rate. (story from WDEL): 


This Delaware town doubled property taxes. Utility repairs and upgrades are one reason (Story from Delaware News Journal):