Dear friends,

Delaware’s Chancellor Andre Bouchard was a shoo-in to ascend to the Delaware Supreme Court to replace his cabal-co-captain and former Skadden Arps intern, Leo Strine. In my view, Strine is a classic Limousine Liberal who left his Chief Justice job halfway through, mired in controversy, both from his illicit TransPerfect decisions, and other more “colorful“ allegations which made him a liability.

If not for the efforts of TransPerfect employees, the Good-Old-Boys “Delaware Way” would have installed Bouchard, keeping the Delaware Supreme Court without a single Black justice in history. I am a crabby old white guy and I do not believe in diversity for the sake of diversity. A person hired should be the most qualified. At least I am honest about it. Bouchard is a hypothetical anti-Diversity Democrat, who still presides over an all-white Chancery Court.

What really boggles the mind is the total cost Delaware has, according to the complaints, stolen from the TransPerfect workers, which is now approaching $300 million. Bob Pincus’ “auction” was a total sham to help Skadden’s other clients.

In my view, there is no one who can legitimately dispute that Bouchard is hell-bent on revenge against the TransPerfect workers, who banded together to squash his nefarious political aspirations. The only question left is:

Will Bouchard’s vendetta against TransPerect and its 6,000 employees continue and for how much money?

Call your lawmakers and tell them you want Bouchard’s abuse of power stopped. If this incessant taking of TransPerfect money continues then there must be a valid REASON? What is it??! If the Chancellor cannot give a valid, legal reason WHY the billing continues unabated, then he should be removed from office. If there is a legal reason, then we need to hear it NOW! I need answers and I’m going to find out!

As always, let me know your thoughts! An example of the anti-corruption lobbying effort, see the full-page ad in Sunday’s Delaware News Journal below.


Respectfully Yours,

Judson Bennett-Coastal Network