I have sensed for years that something was rotten in the
state of Delaware’s Court of Chancery, in general, but also specifically as it
relates to the TransPerfect case and the missing $250 million in legal,
custodian and consultant related fees. I promised my loyal readers that I would
find and pull on every loose thread of this case until my perceived web of
corruption that belongs to Andre Bouchard becomes totally unraveled for all to

This new discovery is going to floor you, and what I believe
is the attempted cover up will floor you even more!

Three law firms, from my view, made out like bandits when
Bouchard started ordering TransPerfect Global and CEO Phil Shawe’s personal
money be paid around to his friends and former law partners like a feudal lord
in mid-evil times — and remember folks, no witnesses testified against either
Shawe or TransPerfect. These three firms benefited to the tune of millions of
dollars whose uncanny “coincidences” and connections to Bouchard
warrant a State and Federal investigation of Bouchard and his Cronies:

1. Skadden Arps – The former partner at Skadden, custodian
Bob Pincus, whose personal friendship I recall Bouchard bragged about when
appointing him. Also, this is where outgoing Chief Justice Strine started in
law, as Bouchard’s intern.

2. Potter Anderson – Perhaps, who I believe is the dirtiest
attorney in Delaware, Kevin Shannon, who seems to win cases without providing
evidence by attending tax-payer financed boondoggles with Strine and Bouchard
(who I hear from reliable sources that he golfed with and additionally,
traveled to New Orleans with, during critical points in the case!!!)

3. Kramer Levin – Whose seemingly outrageous lies to the
Delaware Supreme Court were called out in a nationally televised advertisement.
What was their penalty for all of this? A victory. What’s the Bouchard
connection? Kramer, Bouchard, and Kevin Shannon all worked together on the
infamous Walt Disney case years ago, where they argued against shareholder
interests. I have heard from reliable sources, that Gary Naftalis is a named
partner at Kramer Levin who comes down to hob nob with Strine and Bouchard;
sometimes he’s the only non-Delaware lawyer in attendance at a Delaware

4. Paul Weiss – The fourth firm who made out like John
Dillinger — and had no apparent connection to Bouchard…UNTIL NOW!!!


This firm, which no one has spoken about until now, in August
of 2016, as reported in the New York Law Journal, Chancellor Bouchard ordered
Shawe to pay Elting’s lawyers an outrageous and unconstitutional fine of $7.1
million — an order un-related to any “harm” or
“compensation” in the case, as the law requires — and the largest
such sanction ever in U.S. history. Bear in mind: Shawe denies all claims and
has maintained his innocence at all times. All witnesses testified for
Shawe–clearly stating that there was no wrong-doing of any kind. How did Paul
Weiss win? Keep reading.

Paul Weiss benefits immensely — and no one made the
connection before now. Why? Perhaps an orchestrated cover-up on a grand scale?

Who was the most Senior Paul Weiss lawyer in Delaware at the
time? Who gained the most in the Paul Weiss DE office? You won’t believe it
when I tell you: Former Chancellor Steven Lamb. Bouchard’s first firm, when he
left Skadden Arps (if he ever really left – it appears to me he still might
have a financial interest in their success), take a seat before reading the
next line: Bouchard’s very first firm of his own was: BOUCHARD AND LAMB!!!!

You may not believe me that this is the truth, because it
boggles honest minds. Folks, I have done hours of digging and digging to
establish the only remaining connection of Bouchard to all the law firm
benefactors of the crazy decisions in the TransPerfect case. Irrefutable proof
of the Bouchard-Lamb connection is in the link:

The Business of Law: Meet the New Leader of the Court of Chancery

So many dots are connected here. Andre Bouchard has, in my opinion, hit for the proverbial “corruption” cycle ( a baseball term for those of you who don’t know) by helping 4 different law firms, all of which he is intimately connected to! He helped them make millions upon millions of dollars by his seemingly biased decisions from the TransPerfect Global case.

The Cover-Up!!!

Chancellor Bouchard prior to his appointment to the Chancery
Court was partners with Stephen Lamb! Stephen Lamb after serving on the
Chancery Court himself then moved back into private practice with the law firm
of Paul Weiss. Fast forward to the TransPerfect case in 2016 and Kramer Levin
hires the Paul Weiss firm to work on the case representing Shawe’s former
partner at TransPerfect– Liz Elitng. Specifically, they were hired to work on
the allegation that Shawe spoliated evidence which, according to the testifying
employees, were NOT able to prove in any way, shape, or form. The bottom line
is that nobody needs proof if Bouchard’s court is corrupt and rigged for his
cronies to win?

Yet when all the papers were served on behalf of Elting by
Paul Weiss, absolutely no mention was made of former Chancellor Lamb’s name. It
wasn’t until I was doing some research and saw an article where Paul Weiss was
claiming victory, did I notice that one of the attorneys taking credit for the
victory was Stephen Lamb! No other public document I can find anywhere even
lists LAMB on the TransPerfect case!!! Another coincidence?? In Bouchard’s
court, there seems to be a lot of coincidences. Yet, we know from this evidence
he was on the team taking Shawe’s and TransPerfect’s money with Bouchard’s

HELLO — They brag about his specific role on the Paul Weiss

I will issue a challenge to all those mentioned, who have
never denied these inferences: To Chancellor Bouchard, Former Chancellor Lamb,
Kevin Shannon, various Kramer Levin attorneys, who in my opinion, boldly lied
to the Delaware Supreme Court with no repercussions!

COASTAL NETWORK’S CHALLENGE: Prove to me there was no
cover-up and no hidden agenda. Indeed, this is the appearance of impropriety.
Show me one official court document other than the Paul Weiss Web Site, that
mentions LAMB’s involvement in the TransPerfect case — and I will discontinue
this line of inquiry. In my opinion, Bouchard had a legal duty to inform Shawe
that he was formerly in business with Chancellor Lamb, He should have recused
himself, but he did not! Folks, any reasonable man would see this as a serious
conflict of interest.

This is the most damning evidence of corruption, in my
opinion, an investigative reporter could find, as it proves to me that this
coordinated group had the intent to hide their wrong-doing. There is no other
explanation from my educated perspective. How long will we let this infamous
boy’s club of incestuous characters operate by sucking the life out of Delaware’s
corporations, Delaware citizens, and Delaware’s reputation?! On behalf of the
Coastal Network and my 6,000 readers, I again call for a bi-partisan
investigation of Chancellor Andre Bouchard by the General Assembly!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this stunning discovery.
Your feedback is always welcome.

As I see it, TransPerfect & Shawe never had a chance at
fair trial with this what I call “murder’s row” of Bouchard’s cronies…

Scroll down to read this article:


FEBRUARY 13, 2017

Delaware Supreme Court Affirms $7.1 Million Sanctions Award in Favor of Elizabeth Elting

“The Delaware Supreme Court upheld the court-ordered sale of
TransPerfect Global, Inc. and unanimously affirmed the $7.1 million sanctions
award in favor of Paul, Weiss client Elizabeth Elting. Elting and Phillip Shawe
are the co-founders and co-CEOs of Transperfect, one of the world’s largest
document-translation and discovery-services companies. Since 2014, they have
been in litigation in Delaware and New York over the control of the company.
Elting is represented by Kramer, Levin, Naftalis & Frankel and Potter,
Anderson & Corroon in the corporate-control battle.

In late 2014, Elting tapped Paul Weiss when Shawe revealed
that he had secretly accessed Elting’s lawyer-client communications. Paul Weiss
then uncovered that Shawe had attempted to destroy files on his laptop, had
failed to safeguard and produce text messages on his cell phone, which he
claimed was destroyed when it fell in a cup of Diet Coke, and had repeatedly
lied under oath about his conduct. Paul, Weiss tried the two-day sanctions
hearing and represented Elting in her successful post-hearing briefs and in
defending against Shawe’s sanctions appeal.

The Paul, Weiss team included litigation partners Eric Stone, Robert Atkins and Stephen Lamb, of counsel Gerard Harper and counsel Robert Kravitz.”