Dear friends,

Frankly, if there had not been all of this crazy mail in voting and early voting going on, after last night’s debate, this election would not even be close. Considering the fraudulent life and despicable actions of Joe Biden throughout his entire career and how duped the voters have been over the entire 47 years since he has been in office, I can only shake my head in disgust that this creep is even on the ballot.

Despite a biased moderator who interrupted President Trump, incessantly, the President absolutely destroyed Biden in every regard on every issue. Donald Trump was cool, calm and collected as he dissected Biden, exposing the ineptitude and dishonesty that literally reeks from Joe Biden’s entire being.

Specifically, Biden stammered about fracking. “ I never said I would stop fracking,” Trump reminded him both he and his running mate, socialist Kamala Harris, clearly said they would do away with fracking innumerable times, and the tapes are now flooding Fox News. What was even more remarkable, was Biden said “he would end gas and oil by 2035 and replace it with alternative energy.” Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, all would lose millions of jobs, Trump was quick to instill this fact into the debate.

The Hunter Biden computer with its hard drive has been exposed and has been validated by the FBI, according to the New York Post. The possibilities of high crimes committed by Joe Biden, including treason and money laundering, are absolutely now on the table. Remarkably, when Trump brought it up, Biden like his fraudulent supporters, claimed, “it was Russia stuff again’, claimed it was not true, when the evidence is now overwhelming. Millions and millions of dollars folks have been clearly been paid to Hunter Biden for access to his father when he was operating as Vice President of the United States. Biden did not have a viable explanation and the way Trump presented it, clearly finished off Biden with surgical precision.

The most laughable and absurd premise of the whole Biden presentation was at the end, when he clearly stated, “The Character of the Country is on the ballot.” Folks, Joe Biden has absolutely no character and never has had any character. His dishonesty and lies have no bounds. He is an intrinsically evil man who has ripped off his country through his international corruption, his influence peddling, and his money laundering operations that are easily proven, especially now since one of Hunter Biden’s partners is now speaking out and presenting further evidence that links Joe Biden to this outrageous illegal activity.

Folks, Donald Trump no doubt is a rough, sometimes crude, basic speaker, a New Yorker who was a brutal and ruthless business man, however as to character, Trump is loaded with it. He works for free, he cares about the American people, unlike Biden who is an empty suit — void of character completely.

Trump clearly won the debate and if there is any justice and future for America, he will win the election on November 3rd.

Folks, YES “CHARACTER IS ON THE BALLOT!” Trump has plenty—Biden has none!

As always, your views are appreciated, please let me know what you think?

Sincerely Yours,

JUDSON Bennett

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