The responses I have received from so many of you concerning the TransPerfect Case and my recent articles about how things went down in this case are appreciated. However, the outpouring of outrage about Bouchard closing the records from the public almost brought my servers down, and broke a new record for the Coastal Network.

I will reiterate a few things as I see them before proceeding: Founders, Business Partners and co-CEOs of TransPerfect Global, Philip Shawe and Elizabeth Elting, after bringing this company from a dorm room idea to a $650 million dollar a year company, Ms. Elting wanted out and did not want Mr. Shawe to have it either. After Elting was thrown out of New York Supreme Court in one hearing lasting an afternoon, she then filed her same suit here, in the Delaware Court of Chancery, seeking a forced public auction of this successful company. This litigated outcome has never happened in the history of the United States. Unfortunately for TransPerfect, Elting’s local counsel in Delaware was Kevin Shannon of Potter Anderson, longtime best buddy of Chancellor Bouchard.

Shawe on the other hand did not want the company sold. Newbie Court Chancellor, Andre Bouchard (who insanely gets first right of refusal on all cases) sees his lifelong friend Kevin Shannon on the masthead of the case, and lo-and-behold, assigns it to himself, setting off years of litigation and what I view as the largest legal theft with the appearance of corruption in American History, to the tune of $250 million to lawyers and Delaware elites. Much of this money was charged, using millions upon millions of unchecked and un-itemized bills that were approved by Chancellor Bouchard, amidst widespread employee accusations of billing fraud and fabricated hours by Skadden Arps, among others.

From this point on, (besides other appearances of impropriety), it is my view that Bouchard brazenly misused his personal power by ordering the documents to be sealed — documents that, by law, should be available to the public. I think the Chancellor must think he IS the law, because he just seems to make it all up— as he goes along.

Here are the Top 10 comments I received from my readers. The last names and e-mail addresses have been removed to protect these good folks from any possible retaliation by the Chancery cronies. Thank you for writing in and following this case and continuing to follow it!

The first comment comes from Dave Stevenson of the Caesar Rodney institute (a conservative Delaware think tank) who would like to publicly share his opinion:

“Jud, I just wanted to second your concerns about Delaware losing its advantage as the place to incorporate. Combining franchise fees and abandoned property payments, this franchise is the largest revenue source for the state. I’m sure you saw Bill Freeborn’s recent article on killing the golden goose. As past Director of the Division of Corporations, he knows what he is talking about when he says a friend recently was”feeling that the recent uncertainty of the courts, the departure from established precedent, and the more “progressive” approach of Delaware’s judiciary make Delaware far less attractive for any of his global M&A clients”. I have written several pieces about the state’s frequent fee increases, and aggressive collection of abandoned property fees. We’ve been acting like pirates!

Keep up the good work!”


David T. Stevenson, Policy Director

Caesar Rodney Institute


Here are 10 more from the many I received:

From Alice:

“Wow, your latest article is really INTERESTING! Can Bouchard actually seal these public records? If it is proven that these funds were wrongfully billed, the Chancellor’s ass might be grass.. This is an angle that is a possible way to expose this possible corruption.”

From Bob:

“Judson, You are sure throwing some heavy stuff out there. The Democrats at Leg Hall are squirming big time. LOL Keep it up, you are making a difference !!!!”

From Adam:

“Jud, Isn’t there a FOIA REQUEST you could do to get those documents unsealed or some court action???”

From Abner:

“Judson, This is brutal. Unfortunately the boys and girls in the Delaware Legislature won’t ever remove Bouchard. However he might not get reappointed. Your articles are fun reading and the people are talking. Keep the pressure on. Best Regards.”

From Lawrence:

“Judson, Thank you for all the information you provide us. I believe Delaware is in horrific shape. If this f…ing Judge is half as bad as you surmise, we are in huge trouble. Love your articles.”

From Erin:

“Dear Judson, Great stuff. This work you are doing is really stirring the pot. Delaware has tremendous economic problems already. WHEN THE Franchise taxes disappear, God help us!”

From Roy:

“Hey Judson, Those documents should be open to the public. This Chancellor is a disgrace. Thanks for all you do keeping us informed.”

From Kelly:

“That corrupt bastard. Get him Jud. If anybody can do it you can! LOL”

From Bill:

“General Reid Beveridge’s recent letter to the editor regarding the demise of Republicans in Delaware and the list of three possibilities that might return Republicans to relevance in our state caught my attention. Of particular interest was his third point – the potential destruction of Delaware’s corporations franchise. It is no secret, to those who understand the corporations business, that the state’s proprietary revenue source is facing attacks from multiple fronts, including from within Delaware. I sincerely hope that the new crop of junior legislators take the time to truly understand what this business means to our state’s financial well being. “

From Eric:

“Jud, Thanks for continuing to chip away at Chancellor Bouchard‘s armor! A recent Caesar Rodney institute email acknowledges that Delaware’s proprietary revenue source is facing attacks. Bouchard and his cronies are going to ruin it for us! What You are doing is important to all Delawareans. Please keep it up! ”



Folks, these comments from folks across Delaware from both sides of the political isle reflect a genuine concern about the integrity of the Chancery Court under Bouchard’s regime. Delaware’s sterling reputation as the best locale for businesses, with best equity court in the country, has plummeted. I again ask for justice on behalf of not only the thousands of TransPerfect employees that saw Custodian Bob Pincus cut their benefits and loot their company, but also justice for the citizens of Delaware! Someone must answer and be held accountable for the financial tragedy of the TransPerfect case — or our reputation will continue to sink more and more into the abyss.

Lawmakers, it is time for these documents to be open for public scrutiny and an investigation of who the Chancery Court made rich with TransPerfect’s money. The law gives the public transparency on the courts. Make Bouchard follow the law and unseal the documents!