Dear Friends,

Folks, you all know how much I despise the Chancery Court and the arrogance and cronyism and the Good Old Boy network that prevails from within that crooked courthouse.

See the news below from Citizens for Judicial Fairness that sums it up in pointed criticism that needs to be shouted about this unjust, crooked, corrupt court. That’s how I see it! I don’t know how anyone else can see it?!! It has me questioning whether justice will prevail in the Chancery Court ever again??!

Please send me your feedback on this outrageous development, folks. It’s welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network


Citizens for Judicial Fairness Slams Latest Chancery Court Decision to Reject Skadden Fee Challenge in TransPerfect Case

August 09, 2023 09:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time

WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, following reporting that the Chancery Court has rejected TransPerfect’s latest challenge to Custodian Skadden Arps’ unreasonable billing practices, Citizens for Judicial Fairness released the following statement:

“Today, the Delaware Chancery Court served up healthy doses of arrogance and condescension to go alongside its routine rulings that protect self-dealing legal elites. TransPerfect simply seeks to end the Chancery’s boundless fleecing of the company’s employees, customers and shareholders in the form of outrageous legal fees that fill the pockets of the court’s cronies. Not only did the Court not even deign to seriously consider TransPerfect’s pursuit of justice, it instead huffed and puffed in exacerbation at being asked to stop this court-sanctioned highway robbery.

“It’s no surprise that the most crooked court in America would rule yet again that corrupt custodianships can continue with impunity to bleed dry a smashing, modern day American business success story — but can’t they at least try to mask the breathtaking corruption that’s making them and their insider buddies rich? The general public and those who come before the court seeking a fair shake would no doubt appreciate the Chancellors at least try to pretend they aren’t there to stuff their faces at the cash trough while everyone else waits for some shred of justice to be done.”