Dear Friends,

I write this brief dissertation in the face of absolute fear, the true understanding of the real horror that is coming, and a realistic recognition of just how bad it could get? I write this now before it is obvious, before it is implemented, however the reality is right before you.

The President of the United States has unbelievable power over your life! Folks, please make no mistake about it, Joe Biden, the man that we have officially elected as President of the United States, along with a group of fanatical socialists, fully intend to control every aspect of your lives.

Once the Democrats, who control the Presidency, the House, and the Senate, change the constitution by eliminating the filibuster in the Senate, allowing a simple majority to rule on all things, and stacking the Supreme Court, America will no longer be America.

Biden’s order to shut down the Keystone Pipeline, eliminating thousands of jobs is so crazy it is mind boggling! The frightening agenda of instilling the Green New Deal on America is beyond reason as it will not work and will thrust us into the worst depression we have ever experienced with suffering and despair that will make the disaster happening in Texas right now look like a pimple rather than a boil.

Rejoining the Paris Climate Accords will restrict and eliminate innumerable opportunities. Biden has opened the Border and is planning on allowing two million illegal aliens a year to be released into our country without supervision. We have 10 million unemployed people right now with no hope in sight. Our schools are closed and a whole generation of children will emerge uneducated and ignorant while the rest of the world surpasses us!

We, as a nation, are ignorant of what is actually happening from within! I am sending you my official warning!

Please check out what is happening and recognize the possibilities. 2022 is our last and best chance to begin to restore sanity by peaceful means.

As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Submitted,

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