Dear Friends,

This piece truly struck a nerve with so many of you and for that I am grateful. When I put the Coastal Network piece out about Venezuela accusing Robert Pincus of masterminding “The Crime of the Century” I was pleasantly surprised at the number of notes that came in from all of you and the thoughtfulness of your feedback.

So many of you and so many out there truly understand the depth of the corruption in our Chancery Court. From Robert Pincus, to Andre Bouchard and Leo Strine. It’s a sin and a blight on our court. 

Some of the feedback you sent: 

“Interesting stuff Judson. The corruption continues! Keep up the good work.” 
-John W. 

“Pincus should be in jail. What a travesty for the rule of law!” 
-Sally M. 

“I still considered you a bold man for putting this information out… It takes big kahunas to do what you do on a consistent basis. Thank you.” 
-Vance P. 

“1. Delaware is where the President resides and where Pincus and his pals live, 
so caution is needed when calling the kettle black.
2. The deal reeks of payoffs and sneaky dealings aka Pincus history.
3. No one cares but himself, greed, as the government is in shambles, as well as company.” 
-John P. 

“Nice job, Captain.” 
-Don R. 

“I don’t get this Citgo lawsuit, but I do see the comparison between the two cases.” 
-Barbara P. 

“How much more of this can this court withstand before it breaks down?” 
-Jack R. 

“Once Venezuela starts calling it a crime of the century, these guys should expect some kind of payback.” 
-Brian P. 

Keep your feedback coming in on this, folks. Thank you! Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network