Dear Friends,

I have watched with great interest the January 6th House Committee Hearings which is investigating (actually presenting a one-sided show) former President Donald Trump. This orchestrated event which basically allows no cross-examination of witnesses and presents prepared, taken out of context, videos of various testimonies, is clearly designed to skew or possibly prevent the impending Republican takeover in November and also deter Trump from possibly running again in 2024.

It does appear that Trump did everything he could to push former Vice President Pence to replace electors in the Capitol on January 6th. Although slightly ambiguous, the Constitution does not allow for the Vice President to do that. Trump was misguided and ill-advised to go that route which unfortunately, although unintentional, inspired the disastrous invasion of the Capitol building. It also appears that Trump made calls to various state officials to investigate and change what he perceived to be fraudulent votes. However, no substantial evidence was ever produced. Additionally, from the testimony, Trump apparently made several attempts to install a new Attorney General who would be favorable to his agenda in changing the results of the election.

Frankly, as much as I liked Trump’s platform, this ill-conceived, poorly planned situation, has indeed hurt Trump’s future for another run in 2024. Indeed, I hope he doesn’t run and maintains his support of Republican candidates.

It should be noted these absolute facts: 1) Trump clearly authorized and offered 20,000 National Guard troops to guard the Capitol on January 6th. They were turned down by Nancy Pelosi. If the troops had been installed and placed properly as they should have been, the Capitol invasion never would have occurred. 2) During his speech on January 6th, Trump clearly stated that the crowd “should go to the Capitol and protest peacefully”. 3) There were FBI infiltrators in the crowd which indicates some entrapment possibilities. Bottom line, although terribly misguided and stubborn, there was clearly no intention on Trump’s part to stimulate a violent insurrection nor were his actions criminal.

None of this changes the despicable, intentional, authoritarian, destruction of the U.S. economy by Marxist Democrats led by President Joe Biden. Biden’s criminal activity (influence peddling) with help from son Hunter was remarkable in its audacity. The ruining of the American oil industry (closing the Keystone Pipeline and restricting drilling), the absurd border policies allowing millions of illegals to come into our country un-vetted, and the outrageous and incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan, have shown how dangerous and frightening the Democrat agenda truly is!

America now has inflation reaching 8.6%; gasoline and food prices are off the charts. We the people are suffering and this is just the beginning. Biden and the insidious Democrats are 100% to blame.

The point here is simple. Folks don’t let this biased hearing, which is out to get Trump, change anything. Trump screwed up in his reluctance to admit he lost the election. It has nothing to do with how bad things are now because of Biden and the Democrats.

Governor DeSantis should and could be our next President in 2024. In November, we must remove these Socialist/ Communist Democrats from office and take back control of the House and Senate or this nation will implode. We the people are slowly losing our freedoms and will lose any chance of future prosperity, especially if Biden’s malicious and incompetent agenda (supported by Democrat legislators) is allowed to continue.

That is the way I see it. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated, so let me know what you think.

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network