Protonmail – A Swiss Untraceable Email Featured is “Mr. Robot” is the Perfect Communication Systems for Drug Dealers, Russian Hackers, Terrorists.  And can you guess who else is a customer…  Chancellor Andre Bouchard

A Spanish Newspaper has confirmed that Andre Bouchard Conducted State Business on the Infamous Swiss Email System, Protonmail


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Terrorists, drug deals, and hackers have Swiss-based Protonmail accounts to evade law enforcement. Perhaps crooked judges too?

Who else conducted Delaware State Business on a Protonmail account? You guessed it… Former Kingpin Chancellor Andre Bouchard.

Nothing else I have sleuthed and written about deserves more scrutiny than this. If it disturbs you that a Delaware judge would conduct state business on a Swiss-based encrypted untracable email system, impossible for U.S. authorities to access, that is frequented by drug dealers, hackers, and terrorists…

I don’t know who to tell you to call. The Delaware Attorney General represents Bouchard, and is therefore a stoolie. The U.S. Attorney General for Delaware? They need to look into what is Bouchard hiding? Is he conducting sketchy business using the service?

Send your feedback or ideas on this one, folks. Agree or disagree, it’s always welcome and appreciated.

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ProtonMail: Can you imagine that an email server can only be audited in Switzerland?

Delaware is still installed in the field of opacity and cronyism

A few weeks ago, we told how two businessmen had obtained a millionaire commission with the sale of medical supplies to the Madrid City Council during the worst months of the Covid-19 pandemic. And all thanks to the fact that a contact provided them with an email address of a managerial position, at the same time an official, of the consistory itself to initiate the negotiations. The matter is already in the hands of justice and those involved are being investigated and have already testified in court.

Imagine for a moment that this email service could not be supervised in Spain and there was no way to prosecute the crime and compensate the damage to the treasury. A similar thing, but with another context, is happening in Delaware, the famous state on the east coast of the United States that is still installed in the field of opacity and cronyism.

And it is that using a specific email service to send messages in the Public Administration of the United States, but that only responds to the Swiss justice is not ideal when assessing the level of transparency of an entity. More if there is a former judge, a law firm, leaks and favoritism involved.

All this has happened in Delaware, one of the most attractive states to create and register businesses, with a beneficial and flexible legal framework, with less than a million inhabitants, but with more companies than registered neighbors and a history of corruption and opacity that still doesn’t disappear. It so happens that for 36 years, the current president of the United States, Joe Biden , was a senator from this state, his usual place of residence before accessing the White House.

The ProtonMail case

Over time, episodes continue to be revealed that explain the opacity of the Delaware judicial system. The last one, the use of the ProtonMail email service, erecting another wall in the obstacle of the transparency of the processes of the Supreme Court of the United States. A web server that can be used all over the world – it has more than 25 million users – but that only responds to the Swiss justice system, so that no American investigation can access the information in the mail, guaranteeing that scams and favoritism of former judge André Bouchard and his friends at elite law firms like the Skadden law firm do not leak out in the form of email.

This information is added to the evidence that shows failures in the Delaware judicial system: absence of security cameras in courtrooms, refusal to reveal the public salaries of judges, not having traceability of administrative documents or the null restrictions that they appear before the incorporation of judges who come from the private sector.

The citizen association Citizens for a Pro Business  which has championed the citizen struggle to return Delaware to the field of transparency and competitiveness, has shown its rejection through its spokesperson, the words of its Chris Coffey: “When figures like André Bouchard continually position themselves on behalf of their friends and former colleagues at elite law firms at the expense of the people and use the notorious ProtonMail encrypted web service to conduct their business, it makes clear why Delaware’s bad reputation for corruption and favoritism continues to smolder.”

Billions, corruption in a television series

Showtime’s acclaimed series “Billions” shows in the chapter “Implosion” of its fifth season the corruption and secret deals that abound in the Delaware courts with an example from a book: Mike Prince, who was former vice president with Donald Trump, is one of the characters in the series and Axelrod’s billionaire rival with billions invested in corporations in the state, visits the Delaware attorney general and threatens to move his companies elsewhere, leaving the prosecutor to explain the thousands of vanished jobs. He quickly agrees to Prince’s requests and offers to appoint a trusted member for Axelrod’s bank board that will be able to do damage from within. The series, clearly, explains the operation of the corrupt practices and the favorable treatment that is frequent in the Supreme Court of Delaware.

What’s more, Biden’s son Hunter Biden wrote in March 2018, when he had unfinished business, that he would file “the lawsuit in the Chancery Court of Delaware – which as you know is my home state, and I am privileged to have worked and meet all the judges of the chancery court”, as collected by the Washington Post .

One of the best known cases of lack of transparency and accountability in Delaware was the one that occurred at the TransPerfect company . In an article published by this website in March of last year, we explained that the judge of the Delaware Supreme CourtAndré Bouchard , ordered the forced sale of this private company in the translation sector that generated profits and employed 4,000 people. His second largest delegation is in Spain. Fortunately, the forced sale of the firm was resolved with the purchase of the majority shareholder who decided to implement improvements in the company.