Dear Friends,

Between the recent Politico article calling out Delaware’s Chancery Court corruption and now, the hit show Billions obviously being influenced by my years of investigative journalism into Bouchard-Era Corruption, my detractors can kiss my grits! In this article, Kevin Shannon of Potter Anderson says the caddie is lying, and he didn’t golf with Bouchard during the case. What was it Shannon? Tennis? Croquet? Badminton? Fox hunting?

Link to Politico story:

Everything I have been screaming from the mountain tops about the con Delaware’s elites pull on shareholders and workers is on clear display in Billions, Season 5, Episode 9.

Link to Showtime’s Billions:

The glad-handing, nepotism and “Good Ole Boy” back-scratching are the subject of this episode, and my fears for Delaware tolerating this are all coming home to roost: Court crimes can only be so big before the world learns the unfortunate truth about the “no jury” — “no wheel spin” — “it’s all about who you know” Chancery Court with its archaic rules that make the Chancellor a Feudal Lord, unaccountable to anyone.

Without my investigative reporting on this issue, I find it hard to believe the Billions people would have known exactly what to look for. Voters, tell your elected leaders: Something must change in Delaware’s corrupt court system. If we don’t make changes ourselves, it will thrust upon us economic havoc in the industry for which we rely on most: Incorporations.

We must have integrity in our courts!!! As always, your comments are welcome.

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network