Dear Friends,

I’ve written columns about Hunter Biden this month and his words about our less-than-stellar Chancery Court, threatening to wield the court as a weapon if he needed to.

Here are Hunter Biden’s words, directly from the Washington Post story, “I will bring suit in the Chancery Court in Delaware — which as you know is my home state and I am privileged to have worked with and know every judge in the chancery court,” he wrote on March 14, 2018.

As I see it, and so many of you too, as I’m sharing in your comments below, this shows that the President’s son acknowledges that in Delaware’s Chancery Court, cases aren’t determined by the facts, evidence, or merits. It’s all about who you know and owe favors to. It’s the Good Old Boys Club calling the shots in Delaware’s Chancery Court. Not the rule of law expected to be upheld in Delaware.

Enough of my words, folks, now to yours! –

“This is sad, Judson. Sad but horribly true.
This club has been in power too long. Hunter Biden called it.”

“Imagine you have a court of judges in your hip pocket.
Now imagine being dumb enough to tell the world.
Keep writing about this. I hope something can finally be done.”

“Hunter is a moron. He just exposed the Chancery Court for what you’ve been saying it is all along.
It’s corrupt as the day is long. I hope the governor is reading this. Keep it up, Jud.”

“You’ve been saying this for years now.
Why don’t they just shut this court down! It’ a sham!
I can’t believe what I’m reading here.”

“Bouchard, Strine, McCormick. The list goes on
and no one is powerful enough to stop what is obvious to all of us
It’s a shame and it mocks our wonderful state. Thank you for writing about this.”

“So now you conveniently decide to believe Hunter Biden???????
Really???? You don’t think he may have been puffing or exaggerating?????
I guess now you’ll start believing everything he says.”

“Good job! The Bidens are criminals and the Chancery Court is jaded and corrupt.
Should be a political issue in the November elections.
Thanks for what you do.”

“Superb article, Judson and great reporting.
The Chancery Court corruption must be addressed.
The arrogance of Hunter Biden and his father are reprehensible.”

“That arrogant, drug addicted bastard needs to be locked up.
Delaware is so corrupt and the Bidens are right in the middle of it.
Shocking article. Great work.”

“Judson. Can this guy be any more arrogant? He needs to be taken down.
The nerve. What an outright jerk!”

“Hunter Biden is going to be the reason Biden’s presidency is a failure.
Bring it on. It can’t happen soon enough. Remember Billy Carter?
These Democrats have a history of family bringing them down.”

“I hate this guy.”

“What an arrogant son he is. He should go down for this.”

Thank you for all of your comments and keep them coming. I enjoy being your tenacious columnist out here in the field. It gives me energy when I see your comments coming in, whether you agree with me or not. They are always welcome.

Sincerely Yours,
Judson Bennett–Coastal Network