Feedback on Coastal Network Columns on Chancery Court Corruption Started by Andre Bouchard and Robert Pincus

Dear Friends,

The injustice obvious to all of us outside of the Chancery Court and the inner circles of Andre Bouchard and Leo Strine and Robert Pincus. Now, it’s time for our elected leaders to change the rules and make it more transparent to serve in a role at that level of our justice system in America’s First State.

Many of you agree with my columns on this and some of you don’t. I appreciate the feedback all the same. And I love a good debate, folks, so keep it coming!

“How can this fraud continue? Delaware is better than this!”
-Carl S.

“I’m glad for your Coastal Network coverage on this. I bookmarked your site and read it all week.”
-Beverly L.

“I don’t understand why this is obvious to all of us outside of the Chancery Court, but no one inside the court or, even worse, our state government.”
-Bill W.

“You can’t blame these judges for not reporting what they don’t have to report, Judson.
You’re smart enough to know this. You’re making a non-issue an issue.
When they have to report their finances, they will.”
-Robert D.

“Frankly, are they making enough money in Delaware to do anything shady with it?
I don’t think so.”
-Dorothy R.

“If the Supreme Court justices are up to no good, you bet the judges in Delaware are too.”
-Thomas B.

“Bouchard and Strine left behind a legacy of mistrust and misdeeds. To think that others aren’t following in their footsteps in Delaware is to be beyond naive.”
-Noah F.

Keep it coming! Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett–Coastal Network