TransPerfect Saga Continues in Bouchard’s Irregular Delaware Chancery Court!

Without a doubt in my mind, the Delaware Court of Chancery under the auspices of Chancellor Andre Bouchard is seemingly engaged in some very irregular activity. Chancellor Bouchard has apparently ordered and approved the billing of millions in unexplained invoices from his former business partner Robert Pincus, who was Bouchard’s appointed Custodian in the TransPerfect case.

I see this as being outrageous, especially considering the case has been closed for years. According to my sources at the company, the Custodian did little to justify his nearly $1,500 per hour fees! For the record, Bouchard, Pincus, and former Chief Justice Leo Strine all were former members of the infamous law firm of Skadden Arps, which has been sanctioned in the past by the Federal Government.

Folks there is indeed the appearance of impropriety in the Chancery Court. It appears to me that Bouchard is filling the pockets of his buddies. I am sick to death of perceived corruption not only in Ukraine but in our Delaware as well. It presents a terrible picture of what Delawareans expect in the way of justice and equity.

So what is next? I have learned that TransPerfect is now going back to Court, filing a new motion in the Court of Chancery, seeking an explanation ONCE AGAIN?? The thing that blows me away is that this apparent and incessant suspicious activity is directly in our faces.

Delaware’s once-respected Chancery Court, I believe, has lost its honor and its objectivity. I believe Bouchard is corrupt, unfair; not objective. I demand an investigation into this situation. It is clearly untenable. I believe the impeachment of Andre Bouchard is in order ASAP.

Please read the article below and send me your ideas and feedback on this horrendous inequity. Hopefully, this crazy impeachment debacle of our President will be over soon, and we the people can get back to local issues in Delaware. Thank you kindly.

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Court Motion Reveals Skadden Arps has Charged $10 million in Undisclosed Legal Fees as Custodian of TransPerfect While Hiding Behind Obscure Chancery Court Order; Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware Renews Call for Reform

Jan 22, 2020, 16:25 ET

WILMINGTON, Del., Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Following a court motion filed in the Delaware Court of Chancery today by TransPerfect Global, Inc. revealing that the law firm of Skadden Arps has billed the translation services company for upwards of $10 million in undisclosed legal fees since being appointed the company’s custodian, Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware (CPBD) is renewing its call for reforms to the opaque business court.

Among the much-needed reforms is legislation, introduced to the Delaware State Legislature, that would bring much-need transparency to the Chancery Court, requiring appointed custodians to itemize and publicly disclose a complete accounting of the costs they’ve passed on to the companies under their control so that the public, and the companies themselves, know how their money is being spent. The legislation follows Delaware Chancery Court Chancellor Bouchard’s abuse of court rules, as he appointed his last employer, Skadden Arps, and ruled that TransPerfect – which is incorporated in Delaware and has nearly 4,000 employees globally – should be sold as a result of an internal dispute between the company’s ownership. Since, Skadden Arps has received a significant amount of the $250 million that was spent on the case.

Said Chris Coffey, Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware’s Campaign Manager, “The Skaddenomics that Chancellor Bouchard has enabled in his Chancery Court by violating the court’s rules to direct millions of dollars to friends at his old law firm are unacceptable, and exactly the sort of behavior that our over 5,000 members are committed to fighting. The Delaware State Legislature should take a long look at this motion and consider the legislation before them to create a fairer and more transparent Chancery Court. When you eat a meal at a restaurant, you get a receipt with a breakdown of the charges. Why shouldn’t the Chancery Court be required to do the same for companies they’re forcing to pay millions in legal fees?”

According to TransPerfect’s motion, over two years after the TransPerfect case was settled in 2015, the custodian in the case, Robert Pincus, has continued to bill the company every month for undisclosed services, including his own $1,475 an hour fee. According to TransPerfect’s motion, his responsibilities remain unclear, and any efforts to ascertain the substance of his work on behalf of TransPerfect have been met with silence. The Chancery Court has kept all invoices and description of services under seal – allegedly to protect the sale process, which ended over two years ago.

As Delaware dropped 10 spots to number 11 according to the Chamber of Commerce in its judicial rankings last year, CPBD announced a new platform to dramatically improve ethics, transparency, and accountability in the State’s Government and Chancery Court.

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