Dear Friends.

I yearn for the old, blessed days of “apple pie and motherhood” when we could leave our doors unlocked, when respect for law and order was the way of America. Such things as abortion were illegal and virtually unheard of. I miss the days of pride in my country, when we were respected throughout the world.

Institutions like the FBI were once revered, but now are seemingly corrupt. I always believed that my government was for me, cared about me, promoted freedom of speech and wanted me to enjoy prosperity. “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”– indeed the American dream — were always my reality and what I always hoped to accomplish.

Capitalism, the American right and privilege to be free to engage in our own enterprises whether we win or lose, as permitted by our Constitution to me was always paramount. Now folks, it has all changed and we are on the brink of something much different if our society does not change this frightening trend by many of our misguided youth towards Socialism and eventual Marxism, eliminating many of our freedoms.

Folks, the idea of disrespecting a police officer, resisting arrest, armed robbery, hijacking a car, violent shootings in our schools, smash and grabs by emboldened gangs of arrogant teenagers was beyond anything I could ever imagine. The idea of some boys wanting to be girls and some girls wanting to be boys and indulging in sex change operations was unheard of. Now biological males are taking over female sports, claiming that because they have long hair, have grown breasts through female hormone injections, they are now real women, when in fact they are still stronger and faster than real females. Female sports could soon be totally compromised and ruined.

Folks, I am well educated, I went to a fancy prep school, called “St. Andrew’s School for Boys” (10 people in a class) which is now 40% diverse, which I believe now prepares its high-level students for the “Woke”, liberal Universities that seem to be brainwashing our youth towards something that to me is un-American! Frankly, I believe Felix DuPont, my old school’s founder, is rolling over in his grave.

However, I am sure some of my liberal , former classmates might disagree with me. When I get letters from my old school that are signed “In Community”, I become extremely worried. My old roommate whose father lost his business and home under Castro, told me that is how the Communist, Cuban government signed its written admonitions and policies. When Stamford University Law School Students shout down a guest speaker who is a federal judge, creating an arena of censorship, I am appalled and shocked. These are the future Politicians and Judges in our society. I have a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree from the University of Delaware and I am very well read. “Brave New World” by Huxley or “1984” by George Orwell- fiction at the time they were written, stories about a world where the government controls every aspect of human life, are slowly becoming a reality if we continue to let it happen.

Indeed, a country with open borders, allowing millions upon millions of illegal aliens to enter is no longer a viable country. A country that has a corrupt President who has sold out to Communist China is no longer a viable country. A country that defunds its police, allowing crime to the point of anarchy is no longer a viable country. Is this the freedom that our founding fathers intended? I think not. Censorship, a totalitarian FBI and IRS supported by a corrupt DOJ are becoming more and more apparent.

Folks, we are on the brink of disaster if we do not change and do it quickly. President Joe Biden, controlled and supported by a Democrat Party dedicated to destroying the United States as we now know it. There is a pervasive, evil movement throughout our land and it is real. Please make no mistake about that!

I am not giving up and intend to fight this abomination that is creeping into our country until my last breath. Many of you are with me and understand the dangers we are now facing as a nation. The 2024 election is coming quickly where we Americans must vote out these insidious monsters or we will become a nation of mediocrity with no hope or future for prosperity and happiness.

That is the way I see it. What do you think? As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network