Dear Friends,

I was slightly dismayed and annoyed to hear that the entire Sussex County, Republican, Executive Committee has resigned. Apparently the situation has developed over the election of Juliane Murray as the new Delaware State GOP Chairperson, according to my reliable information.

Murray defeated well-known former GOP Chairperson, prosecutor, former Senatorial Candidate, and Superior Court Judge Jane Brady. I always liked and respected Jane and admired her ambition and passion. Regardless, Jane lost to Julianne Murray who is a dynamic performer with some great ideas. FYI, when she took over the Committee, it was in the red–totally broke! With all due respect, it is time for Jane to enjoy her retirement and I wish her the best in all ways. 

I believe I have the right to express an opinion, having faithfully operated in the past as the 37th Republican District leader, Sussex Campaign Chairman for several campaigns, a substantial and consistent financial contributor, a convention delegate, and a candidate myself. I served faithfully under Everett Moore, Bruce Rogers, Phyllis Byrne, and Keller Hopkins. Our ultimate goal as a committee was to elect Republicans and we were successful. Sure we had disagreements, but we worked them out and proceeded accordingly for the best interests of the party.

All that being said, I don’t know all the specific details of the mass resignation and I don’t know personally the resigned Chairperson Marilyn Booker (who is from NJ), however, I do find it disconcerting, publicly embarrassing, and without a doubt divisive. Former Chairperson Phillis Byrne was quoted as saying, “Breaks my heart. We worked so hard to make this Committee the very best.” So be it folks. Nobody is indispensable and these malcontents will be replaced.

Please get behind Julianne Murray who is a smart, dedicated, and solid individual who is trying to raise capital to help the party be a viable contender in the future. The purpose of the Delaware GOP is to promote our conservative values and elect Republicans.

That is the way I see it. As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Please see below the publication from the former Sussex Executive Republican Committee!

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

Dear Friends,

Resignation of Sussex County Republican Committee

Greetings, fellow Republicans

For those who are yet unaware, the Executive Board of the Sussex County Republican Committee has resigned. Know that this decision was undertaken after numerous hours of contemplation and not decided hastily. After days of deliberation, we feel this is the best course of action. We have been honored to lead and serve the Republican Party in our little part of the world although it has not been very pleasant recently.

Marilyn Booker

Lewis W Briggs, II

Hylton Phillips-Page

Betty Bridgeman