Dear Friends,

The Republican House of Representatives, which is unable to elect a Speaker, thrusting our country into chaos, in light of the needed funding for Israel and Ukraine and the approaching deadline to keep the government operational is despicable and outrageous.

Those self-serving jerks like Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz should be expelled and shunned from ever holding public office again. These idiots have hurt the credibility of the Republican Party and put our nation in danger!

The ousting of McCarthy, failure of Scalise, and now Jim Jordan by these lightweights, is government absurdity beyond anything I have ever seen. Time to elect a SPEAKER now or what slim chance we have of saving our country will be gone. SHAME on these Republican, nefarious, elected officials who are no better than Biden and his corrupt cohorts.

Folks, this is just terrible. I am no longer hopeful for justice, freedom, and prosperity for the United States. Hell, half the country doesn’t even know what is going on and the disgusting party I have worked for most of my life is failing us openly in the House of Representatives without any real resolution?

Perhaps things will change and my faith will be restored, but this writer is totally disgusted! Until they do, I intend to expose the egotistical methods and incompetence of certain members of the Republican House and work toward having these jerks challenged in primaries.

As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. 

So be it.

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

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