Dear Friends,

There is so much to write about, concerning the absolute incompetence of Joe Biden and the real and extensive threat to our freedom and prosperity, that I could write several paragraphs on many different topics. The catastrophe at the Southern Border is beyond reason. 212,650 illegals from 55 different nations crossed our border in the month of July alone. According to the documented data, 20% of the crossings have Covid and are being released into our country. Additionally, many of these unvetted people are criminals and terrorists. It is also calculated that over 40,000 illegals were not arrested and are now in the interior of our country.

Ironically, Biden approves of this outrageous operation, which is helping to spread the dreaded Covid Delta Variant like wildfire. Yet, he wants to mandate that we wear masks and also force our children to wear masks in school. This will not be happening in the free state of Florida, and our businesses will continue to prosper. Our fabulous, magnificent, and equitable Governor Ron DeSantis, who is beyond right and fair in his entire Florida operation, has been grotesquely maligned by Biden who is a veritable idiot. The hype about the increase of people who have Covid in Florida is blatantly false and the numbers were skewed by 30% by the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci, then pushed and hyped by Joe Biden.

Folks, instead of the intentionally exaggerated 28,000 sick people Biden has maligned Governor DeSantis about, the real number is roughly 19,570 cases. 85% of them are unvaccinated people who are recovering. There are very few deaths in Florida and ultimately Florida will prevail under DeSantis’ leadership. This is a malicious, political attack to discredit Florida’s Governor, because DeSantis is considered a realistic and viable candidate for President and no Democrat will stand a chance against him. I live here now folks. I know what is happening.

Inflation has jumped 7.5% and the American people are hurting. You can’t spend millions of dollars on wasteful spending. Paying people not to work, screwing landlords by protecting deadbeat tenants from eviction, creating dangerous crime by defunding the police, and not expecting the economy to eventually tank. Socialism does not work. It is a foolish endeavor to allow dictatorial, authoritarian despots to control lives completely while they prosper in their power at your expense. What is really frightening folks, as of today, the documented data indicates that 58% of registered Democrats are in favor of Socialism, which will rapidly morph into Communism where you will quickly lose your 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendment rights.

Donald Trump is no longer President. This is Biden’s operation. Nothing is good about his platform. It is so bad, that every intellectual and patriotic American I know is terribly concerned. In November of 2022, this grotesque degradation of America must end. We will take back the House and Senate and stop in its tracks this nefarious attempt to subjugate and control our lives by  the most corrupt and hypocritical President in United States history. It is going to happen and I intend to help make it happen.

Stay tuned folks, I am going to expose Joe Biden for the empty suit he really is. I have been researching him for years and I know the full extent of his heinous corruption. The man, in my view, is incompetent and as I see it, the worst presdient in U.S. history.

As always your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Yours truly,
Judson Bennett-Coastal Network