Dear friends,

As many of you recognize already, extremely disconcerting things are happening in our once proud and efficient country. Throughout the United States the Delta Variant of the dreaded Covid-19 virus is apparently running rampant and severely attacking those who are not vaccinated. It is so contagious it is even breaking through to vaccinated people, however usually with a mild case and without death. This unfortunate, political, and divisive situation which is being used to divide us is beyond reprehensible. Masks, lockdowns, and many more totalitarian controls will soon be implemented by the Biden administration.

Forcing children to wear masks in school is outrageous and indeed medical absurdity. Parents are outraged and many are withdrawing their children from school. Additionally, the despicable teaching of “Critical Race Theory” throughout America, which is a system of indoctrination of our youth by filling their heads with revisionist history, is being actively promoted by Joe Biden and his advisors.

Let us look to the Southern border where thousands of illegal aliens are pouring into our country daily, unvetted, uncontrolled, and turned loose into the heartland. President Joe Biden has taken a very secure border created by Donald Trump and turned it into a wide-open border and a crisis of unbelievable proportions. What Biden has done is criminal and it has compromised the security and safety of the American people.

Another frightening issue is Biden’s outrageous move on fair elections. It is his intention to take away states’ rights (determined by the Constitution) to eliminate voter ID and have limited verification of who the voter is. Presenting horrible falsehoods and ridiculous lies about various, very positive, new voting laws in 14 different states, Biden is furthering his agenda.

Now let us look at the free state of Florida and its Governor Ron DeSantis! Folks, this remarkable and brilliant man has realized that lockdowns don’t work and he will never allow it in Florida. Businesses will continue to prosper. He has ended the stupid welfare/unemployment checks provided by the Democrats to pay people not to work, so soon the demand for jobs will be filled, furthering Florida prosperity. Masks will not be required and will be voluntary. Children will not ever be required to wear masks in schools. Florida schools will be open for in-school operations. “Critical Race Theory” will be outlawed and prevented from being taught in any Florida school. Crime is not tolerated in Florida, indeed we have reasonable and available concealed carry laws, and our cops are not being defunded.

Folks, besides fabulous weather, beautiful palm trees, aqua, crystal clear water, fabulous fishing, and no state income tax, we have got real freedom, because of the wisdom and operation of Governor Ron DeSantis. Let us look to Florida as an example of how America should be run. I believe DeSantis could very well be the next President of the United States, as he has proven his leadership skills and administrative qualities, which exemplify and promote what America is supposed to be about: The right to seek freedom and prosperity for all.

As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully yours,
JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network