My Readers Respond! And they Don’t Like the Stench Coming From Delaware’s Chancery Court

Dear friends,

As you can see from the responses below, informed Delawareans don’t want what they’re seeing, and what I believe is happening: It apparently seems that a corrupt, Chancery Court Chancellor is single-handedly dismantling our State’s reputation. I sincerely thank you for your feedback on this amazing story that continues to draw national media attention. With over $250 million of company and shareholder money unaccounted for, much of it ordered to Bouchard’s former law firm Skadden Arps, this is in my view, perhaps the largest case of court corruption in United States history.

TransPerfect has not been permitted access to the bills that have been ordered by Bouchard to be paid. Want an example of how corrupt I believe Pincus and Skadden are?

Nearly two years after the case has been closed, TransPerfect is still paying millions annually to Skadden Arps. I know this is hard to believe, but this is the information I am receiving from my reliable sources in the company. To receive a “litigation hold notice” — which I am told is a one-page standard letter — telling parties in law suits to preserve evidence – Skadden Arps charged TransPerfect a whopping $140,000. It is insane that Bouchard thinks he’s powerful enough and untouchable enough that he can just seem to rub corruption right in the face of the public by condoning what I see clearly as court-sanctioned theft.

Below are a few of your recent responses that I have cut and pasted directly into this article. I have removed the last names to protect the individuals from possible reprisals by Bouchard, Pincus, Shannon, Strine and their powerful network of cronies:

Here is how Delawareans feel about these recent events:

1) From Pete:
For Bouchard to hold TransPerfect, et al in contempt only looks like a cover-up. This is corruption and it looks like these boys have a nice little act going. Skadden Arps is notorious for their iffy operation! Bouchard and Pincus are part of it! Thanks for your great work. -PETE

2) From Sarah:
Thank you for your wonderful coverage of this. Bouchard must be investigated! Sarah

3) From Alfred:
I believe there has to be an investigation by the Delaware Senate? Alfred

4) From Chris:
This Judge Andre Bouchard has got to go! Thanks for keeping us informed! Chris

5) From Paul:
Interesting commentary. I wonder if the Nevada Courts will come into conflict with the Delaware Courts and will the Chancery’s attempt at a Contempt charge be valid now that TransPerfect has moved its corporate headquarters? Regardless, the system is layered with back-covering throughout.

6) From John:
Dear Jud,
They apparently are all in it together. Nobody has ever addressed the Chancery Court’s operation like you have. We in Delaware always prided ourselves on a pristine state with positive economics and honest courts. These appearances of impropriety are shocking. Keep up the great work. JOHN

7) From Tom:
It seems in life, if there are loopholes people always find them. If there are flaws in the law, they find a way to be corrupt. The integrity of the justice system must be upheld at all costs. This stuff is outrageous and very disturbing. Thanks for writing this. TOM

8) From Patty:
Jud, Your great work is the talk of the town. This is amazing — you can’t make this stuff up. How does this guy Robert Pincus think he can get away with this? Bouchard must be so arrogant and comfortable in his position to operate the way he does. Who has the guts to do what is necessary??? Jud you are something else. LOL. All the best to you and keep it up. PATTY

9) From Dennis:

10) From Laurence:
Hey Judson,
How can this happen? It seems logical that TransPerfect’s lawyers need to start talking to the AG’s office??

11) From Richard:
Remember the old saying, you can’t beat city hall. It is such a shame that we now have to be suspicious of an institution that was once so respected. I feel sorry for Mr. Shawe to have to go through this BS. Thanks for all you do. All the best, Dick

12) From Doug:
This is scary stuff when the people we have to go to receive justice, could be corrupt. I won’t incorporate in Delaware anymore. Doug

13) From Laurie:
An amazing and thorough expose of something that needs to be exposed. What a story—there is a movie in this for sure. We wait for the outcome. Keep up the great work. Laurie

14) From Sally:
Judson, My first time responding to you in quite a while. This is heavy stuff. It seems that Bouchard is attempting to use every angle to maintain control and cover his tracks. The only way change will be made in the judicial system is for Delaware to make political change. You have done an excellent job bringing this to light. Keep up the good work.

I ask you, folks, who are seeing what’s happening here, could Andre Bouchard actually be attempting a cover-up? Will the Nevada courts rule in favor of TransPerfect? Can Chancellor Andre Bouchard actually and legally withhold evidence on the un-itemized and unexplained invoices in the amounts of millions of dollars submitted by the law firm of Skadden Arps?

The appearances of impropriety are mounting and you the citizens of Delaware are demanding action! I appreciate your interesting feedback; please keep your responses coming! We are making a difference!

Respectfully Yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network