Dear Friends,

I enjoyed hearing from all of you about Andre Bouchard’s abuse of power and blatant corruption, which lost him his once-powerful job running the Chancery Court.

Here’s your feedback about his paying former business partner Steven Lamb millions and THEN getting a job there, while not mentioning the TransPerfect case that fueled the payment, because he knows he was busted.

“How can this be allowed, Judson?! We want to hear more.”

“Bouchard played the court, but wound up getting canned. There was a measure of justice.”

“From what I see on the website, he didn’t mention anything, Judson. It wasn’t written by him.”

“The story link looks positive on Bouchard. I don’t understand the controversy.”

“This judge abused his power and deserves all the abuse you give him!”

“Glad you’re pointing this out. No one else is making this point.”

“What a mess our court is. To think it used to be the pride of Delaware.”

“The abuse of power needs to be checked. Keep checking the abuse.”

Thank you for your feedback, folks. Keep them coming! Always welcome and appreciated.

Former Chancellor Bouchard Doesn’t Mention His Biggest Case on Paul, Weiss Website, Because He Knows He Was Busted

Respectfully Yours,
JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network