Dear Friends,

Once in a while I write about things that happen to me that affect my thinking. Yesterday I went to my favorite restaurant in West Palm Beach for my usual morning breakfast.

Lately I have had a tremendous hip problem and will eventually need surgery to get a new hip. I am using a walker and have a handicap sticker. I pulled up to the parking area and there was an African American woman parked in the handicap parking spot. She rolled down her window and asked me if I needed her to move. She said she ordered take-out for her handicapped son who has sickle-cell anemia and that he will be having surgery soon, as well. I told her moving wasn’t necessary. We had a nice conversation about her son and some of the difficulties we all suffer, especially as we get older.

In this crazy world of woke culture, racial issues, and innate prejudice, especially in this particular location of West Palm Beach, which has been known to be rough sometimes, I had something unusual happen. The woman and I concluded our pleasant conversation and I limped into the restaurant. I ordered and ate my breakfast. Shortly thereafter, the black lady came in and picked up her take out. She smiled and waved as she left.

I called the waitress over and asked for my check. She said that the black lady who just left paid for your breakfast. I was flabbergasted. I was truly surprised. I then realized that something special had just occurred. My heart felt so warm, my inner being soared. This African American woman who didn’t know me, wanted to do something nice for a white man, she briefly connected with in the parking lot.

The bottom line folks is the “Milk of Human Kindness”, the connection between human beings is still there, regardless of skin color and prejudices that we have been exposed to most of our lives. This wonderful black woman sure made me feel good and it was something special that happened to me.

There is truly hope for America on this July 4th. That’s it, folks. Enjoy the day! 

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network