Dear Friends,

Folks, I’ve become such a fan of Alan Dershowitz, who I listened to during the recent Chancery Court hearing that saw TransPerfect taking on Skadden Arps. The call was run by Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick.

Let me tell you, Dershowitz won the day! His words were poetic. So well said, I have typed them up for you to read here:

“Your Honor, I have to tell you, I’ve been practicing law for 55 years. I have never, in my life — and I taught legal ethics for 25-30 years at Harvard — I have never seen billing like this in my life, in my experience, in everything I’ve ever read. I can tell you, anybody, any lawyer, no matter how wealthy, no matter how rich, if they are given what Mr. Pincus was given: A carte blanche, an empty checkbook, allowing him to charge $20,000 for an email, there will be no problem getting people to serve in that capacity. The issue is not whether you get people to serve in that capacity. They will be standing in line to fill in the blank checks.”

“What we have to do is finally put an end to this. And Your Honor can do that. Put an end to it fairly and justly, and allow this thing finally to terminate. And that’s what we urge you to do.”

Dershowitz has the energy and power of someone half his age. As I see it, what he said captures the drama of the outright crime that has been orchestrated upon TransPerfect. He is being bold in calling out this injustice so future companies aren’t treated so awfully in Delaware. Let’s see if McCormick does what is right for all of us hereby ending Skadden’s highway robbery. Please send your feedback on this. It’s always appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,
Judson Bennett–Coastal Network