Dear Friends,

I am addressing this dissertation mainly to my liberal friends. We are about to lose everything that America is about—freedom of speech is being threatened and open political disagreement with Joe Biden’s ridiculous agenda is seemingly being investigated and prosecuted by corrupt government agencies? Can you imagine concerned parents being investigated by the FBI because they voiced concerns over Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools? Can you imagine a former President’s home being raided for classified documents while our current President had classified documents lying on the floor of his garage? The double standard that is occurring is outrageous and frankly frightening?

After apparently selling out the American people through his son Hunter for millions of dollars in an incredible influence peddling scheme involving the Ukraine, Russia, China, and Romania among others, from which the entire Biden family has profited, President Joe Biden is no doubt severely compromised.

The evidence through Hunter’s laptop and testimony from former partners is overwhelming. Evidence from IRS and FBI whistleblowers has been documented, while these brave individuals are being harassed and removed from further investigation by their respective agencies? A huge cover up seems to be developing. Is President Joe Biden guilty of interfering with the wheels of justice?

One of the few honest journalists left in our country, Miranda Devine, from the NY Post, wrote a realistic expose titled “The Laptop from Hell” laying out the incredible crimes from these corrupt operators.

Besides, destroying our oil operation, taking us from being energy independent to having to buy oil from our enemies, Biden is violating our immigration laws, allowing millions upon millions of illegals to cross our southern border who are given food, clothes, cell phones, and housing in hotels, while veterans are put out on the street!

The FBI and the IRS have been weaponized against Republicans. This is what happens in Banana Republics! Bogus investigations, absurd raids, falsifying documents, and biased viewpoints are prevalent. How can Americans trust these once respected agencies ever again? Apparently, if you disagree openly with the Democrats and are vocal about it, you could be at risk by these weaponized institutions. This is not the America I used to know and it is frightening. Banana Republic???

Folks, the degree of President Biden’s arrogance is real. How one man with the help of left wing extremists and certain members of the Democrat party could severely compromise our freedom is beyond any reasonable understanding? We must stop these monsters who are implementing a totalitarian, socialist government that will take away our crucial freedoms!

I believe, without a doubt, that we are on the brink of losing everything that our constitution provides because of the criminal in the White House! The 2024 election is paramount. Folks, if political changes are not made, our country will evolve into anarchy, with the eventual institution of a communist regime, allowing certain wealthy individuals and politically connected despots to languish in luxury and privilege, while the rest of us wallow in mediocrity?

That is how I see it. Are you as concerned as I am? I wonder if many of you have no clue how bad things really are? As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Submitted.

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network