Endorsement of Gene Truono for US Senate in the Delaware Republican Primary !


>” I don’t know why people would ask my opinion on anything, but they do sometimes. 

> I have been asked repeatedly since I moderated a Republican Senatorial Primary Debate between Rob Arlett, and Gene Truono, who am I voting for in the Republican primary to choose who will go up against the ultra liberal democrat Senator Tom Carper in the general election? If you missed the debate, here is my broadcast of the debate: 


> Let me preface my statement with this; either Republican candidate would be a far site better than the current debacle we now have misrepresenting Delaware in Washington DC.

> That said, having moderated what I thought was a very good debate at the American Legion in Dover, Delaware, and having watched subsequent debates, and having asked VERY difficult questions to Gene Truono…..

> I am VOTING for Gene Truono in the Republican Primary.

> Here is why:

> 1. I appreciate Gene’s incredible sincerity… Not to say I think Rob isn’t sincere; however, I find Gene Truono to be refreshingly sincere and authentic. 

> If you want to clearly know where Gene Truono stands on an issue, just ask him. Gene will articulately represent his view in an impossible to misunderstand manner, REGARDLESS of who is asking. 

> Simply put, Gene’s answer is NOT political, it is honest, practical, and as I have found, the right answer.

> 2. At the debate, and in most political debates, candidates tend to use every possible second, and then some seconds OVER their time to talk as long as they possibly can. 

> In the debate I moderated, Gene Truono clearly, quickly, and accurately answered every question presented to him, and on the one occasion Gene wasn’t sure of the answer, he answered this way; “I don’t know. I will find out and get back to you.” Refreshingly, Gene never required the full two minutes to answer ANY question. When he was finished answering the question clearly and honestly, he simply sat down.

> And, he did answer clearly and quickly over and over. 

> Have you ever heard a candidate NOT give some bloviated non answer to just occupy their 2 minutes of time, and hope their answer convinces some folks in the audience that the question was answered. Neither have I…. Until Gene Truono. I respect that.

> 3. On the issues I believe Gene Truono is in alignment with my stand, and what I believe is best for Delaware. All of them, not some of them, all of them.

> 4. I believe Gene can bring about change, positive change. Not a bunch of talk, but action. The issues we face are complex, but I am confident Gene can easily handle the most complex of issues, because he has been doing just that his whole life. 

> 5. Gene’s answers and policy positions are congruent and consistent no matter who is in the audience, or asking the question. His answers are his answers, his beliefs are his beliefs, no matter who is asking.

> 6. There are many “conservative Christians” who will point to Gene being gay and say they “simply cannot vote for a gay candidate!” 

> Then, they will self righteously allege Gene will “push a gay agenda and support issues antithetical to conservatives” even though there is ZERO evidence to support that claim. 

> I challenge you to ask Gene where he stands on those issues… Then, call me. I will enjoy listening to sheepish religious Rottweilers eat their own words.

> 7. Gene is unabashedly PRO LIFE.
> 8. Gene is unabashedly PRO Second Amendment.
> 9. Gene is unabashedly PRO Constitution.
> 10. Gene not only understands President Trump, he absolutely supports his agenda and has a plan to effectively implement that agenda in Delaware.

> That includes effective law enforcement, including protecting our borders and once and for all dealing with ILLEGAL Immigration. If you don’t think Delaware has a serious illegal immigration problem, you aren’t looking.

> Bottom line? I agree with Gene Truono… on nearly everything. 

> Let me add this… I was blown away to learn how Gene has served ALL communities… Poor, white, black, allllll communities, without anyone looking, for decades, with no votes at stake. Nothing to win, just because. This guy is one principled dude.

> Listen, I could list 1-100 reasons why I am supporting Gene Truono, but you don’t have time for that, you need to be busy helping Conservatives defeat ultra liberal Tom Carper. 

> Having now met Gene and having spent considerable time with him, I consider Gene Truono a trusted and good friend. 

> Time is running short… Conservatives MUST flood the polls in September. No matter what.

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