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Delaware Chancery Court Chancellor Andre Bouchard is the Michael Jordan of corruption, folks. He just keeps raising the bar to meet his needs and the needs of his legal pals. The horrendous state of these judicial thugs, in my opinion, is beyond comparison in U.S. history. We’d clearly have to call this outrageous Chancellor, the Kingpin of Delaware! 

To really understand the illicit motives of this Chancellor, today he awarded his friends at Chief Justice Seitz’s old law firm a victory, after promising a hearing — with no hearing! This reeks of prohibition-era-Chicago corruption in this old guy’s view. I’ve never seen such, in my view, despicable conflicts of interest that seem to be apparent in Bouchard’s Court. How can this type of corruption be allowed to continue like this in Bouchard’s once-revered Chancery Court 

See the Yahoo Finance story below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this one, folks! 

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 JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network


Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware Slams Chancery Court Chancellor Andre Bouchard Following Ruling Protecting Firm of Former Supreme Court Chief Justice CJ Seitz

Wed, December 16, 2020, 1:55 PM EST

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware remains committed to exposing backdoor dealings within the Delaware Court System

Today, following a Chancery Court ruling that granted a motion to the old firm of former Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice CJ Seitz against TransPerfect and Shirley Shawe without a hearing, Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware campaign manager Chris Coffey released the following statement:

“Once again, Chancellor Bouchard has opted to rule in favor of an old colleague and friend rather than following the merits of the argument. Even worse, he has done so without a hearing, meaning TransPerfect has no recourse or opportunity to make its case.”

“This is a classic example of how the ‘old boys’ club’ of Delaware’s court system protects its own without transparency or accountability. While Seitz disqualified himself from participating in the TransPerfect case twice, he somehow thought it was appropriate to sit on the TransPerfect appeal even after that disqualification.”

“Now, Bouchard is ruling in favor of Seitz’s former firm, Ross Aronstam & Moritz, in order to protect them. This is obviously returning the favor for when Seitz, despite having a clear conflict of interest, sitting on the TransPerfect case and affirming Bouchard’s ruling. The people of Delaware deserve to have a transparent and accountable court system, not the same old corrupt system that lets justices protect their friends and cronies at all costs.”