Dear Friends,

The Southern Border Crisis, where millions of illegal, unvetted, and undocumented aliens, from all over the world are pouring into our country through the direct and illegal invitation of President Joe Biden, is without a doubt a treasonous activity. Biden and his cohorts are killing thousands of people, creating a huge risk of terrorism, increasing heinous crimes, and changing the face of America. Billions of dollars are being wasted on providing illegals with clothes, cell phones, credit cards, hotel rooms, and transportation wherever they want to go. The people of Texas and now every state in the Union are under attack.

I have a sarcastic solution which would surely get some attention and Biden couldn’t do a damn thing about it, but he might blink: All Illegals captured at the border should be shipped to the State of Delaware where Biden is loved, supported and has been elected for 50 years. I suggest 10,000 be deposited outside Biden’s mansion in Wilmington, Delaware. Then another 10,000 should be sent to Cape Henlopen State Park where they can be housed, fed and clothed by the liberals in Lewes and Rehoboth. In this Park is a place called the Biden Center where a 20 million dollar improvement could be made at the Taxpayers’ expense and could be turned into a fabulous dormitory for many illegals. Special tents could also be constructed. The folks in Lewes and Rehoboth could take in many illegals as well. Biden could show his true dedication and humanity by taking in several families in his summer house nearby in North Shores. Yes indeed, I urge all Governors to ship the illegals to Delaware !!!!!!! Who cares if Delaware’s beaches and towns are overrun by illegal aliens-bringing crime. Special memberships could be given to illegals at the Lewes Yacht Club with privileges to use the bathrooms and pool. Yep that is what should happen and then watch Biden’s state go nuts–LOL!

Interesting, as an aside to consider how RFK’s candidacy is resonating: He even called out Biden’s Banana Republic tactics where political opponents are being targeted by law enforcement through Biden’s administration. JFK will take many votes away from Biden in my view.

Biden is now betraying our best ally Israel in its war against Hamas ! Israel is fighting for its life against this terrible situation, which has never been so bad since the Holocaust and idiot Biden is doing his best to compromise the Jewish military efforts, The Palestinians overwhelmingly elected Hamas in Gaza and none of them will ever support America or Israel, yet Biden compromises the whole middle east problem with his stupid rhetoric criticizing Israel in support of anti-Jewish American protesters throughout the country in order to glean votes. He continues to put a risk Jewish students at risk and is now more interested in helping Hamas !! Make no mistake Biden is a bigot in many ways besides being a grotesque criminal and a hypocrite. Frankly, I don’t understand how any American Jew could vote for him????

Folks, we must eliminate Biden and these treasonous people he has surrounded himself with or America will be lost ! VOTE them out in November and send Trump to the White House.

That is the way I see it. As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network