The recent article I posted concerning the law firm “Skadden Arps” getting fined by the feds a staggering $4.6 million dollars for illegally acting as a foreign agent (in my view, Skadden was aiding treason!) in relation to the Delaware’s Chancellor Andre Bouchard, Delaware’s Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Leo Strine, and the appointed (by Bouchard) Custodian at TransPerfect, Robert Pincus — who are all ex-Skadden lawyers.


It’s so incestuous, it stinks to high heaven! The rulings in favor of Kevin Shannon by Bouchard, when Shannon could not call a single fact witness, the upholding by Strine on appeal of the main case (and the largest individual sanction in the U.S. was affirmed on appeal without even a hearing!!!), and the billing by Pincus of TransPerfect to the tune of over $25 million, which is simply outrageous, brings this judicial outrage to another level entirely. TransPerfect Global CEO Philip Shawe was ordered to make TransPerfect pay $25 million in fees, but not Shawe, nor the public, nor anyone else gets to examine the bills. Neither the public, nor the payer (TransPerfect) gets to know what was paid for, or if this $25 million was legitimately billed… absolute insanity folks!


To go from the ridiculous to the obscene, we then have Kevin Shannon, Bouchard’s best buddy — who Bouchard hand-picked to join the St. Francis Hospital Board after he vacated his board seat. because he became the Chief Chancellor (without 1 day of bench experience, by the way) — got awarded $1.4 million in legal fees, also without any documentation, nor disclosure to the public!


Why wouldn’t a law firm, fined $4.6 million by the Feds for serious crimes, pad their bills to the moon??! Since there was no disclosure by Bouchard and no way to check if the bills were valid, just pay, pay, pay to Bouchard’s Delaware cronies whatever they ask. They scratched his back to become the Chancellor, now I think he is scratching theirs? Folks, is that how this is supposed to work? In my opinion, it reeks of corruption.


Again, I received an overwhelming response from the public about my last story of a 4-year injustice that would not have been tolerated in any third-world country, and damn sure should not be tolerated here. I say to you absurd cronies in the judiciary: You can fool people only so long, and then they start screaming from the tops of mountains! You are being exposed for suspicious activities, and if my readership has its way, you’ll be held accountable for these apparent improprieties.


Bouchard holds half the documents in the entire case, and ALL of his friend’s $26.4 million in non-itemized bills wrapped up tight as a drum, and he refuses to release them to the public. Why? Because they could possibly incriminate him or his cronies? There is a high price to pay if you line your pockets with court-ordered money from private citizens. I wonder why Bouchard and Skadden Arps appear in my opinion to act above the law in Delaware and apparently continue to get away with it? Or are they?? Based on your feedback, it’s clear this cabal is finally being exposed and the folks are beginning to understand this disconcerting reality??


Bouchard’s continued actions and failure to disclose documents to the public have cast a doubt on Delaware’s credibility, while destroying our business-friendly image — and negatively impacting our economy, plus casting a darker shadow over the First State’s once-honorable and respected institution, our Chancery Court.


As I often do when a story generates such significant outrage that something must be done, I have cut-and-pasted a sampling below from the many responses I have received. (The last names have been removed to protect these citizens from possible reprisals.)


Please enjoy the comments and please keep them coming! I appreciate your feedback.



1) From Dawn

Thanks for expanding my mind and understanding of Delaware politics through the TransPerfect debacle… eye-opening. Keep up the good work!

2) From Allen


3) From John

Jud, It is extremely disconcerting to realize the incestuous connections between the Skadden Arps law firm, Justice Strine, Chancellor Bouchard, Robert Pincus — then the cute relationship between Kevin Shannon and our Chancellor. I wouldn’t put anything past these rotten bastards. Skadden Arps is corrupt and it sure makes me wonder about Bouchard’s integrity. The records must be released. How come Shawe has not sued to have then released through a “Freedom of Information Request”? Thanks for your outstanding work in bringing all of this to light. You should get a Pulitzer award! All the best!


4) From Linda

OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Where there is smoke there is fire. Bouchard is a disgrace to judicial integrity. Love your articles, Judson.


5) From Peter

JUDSON — This is an extraordinary situation and most disturbing. Nobody should ever have to worry that our Chancery Court could be corrupt.

6) From Carol

Hi Jud, This is beyond an impropriety. Here we have a corrupt law firm (Skadden Arps) and then Strine, Bouchard, Pincus all from the same law firm. They should make a movie about this crazy situation. Everybody is way too cozy in the Delaware Judiciary. I know we have a small state, but come on. Wow — is all I can say!

7) From Don

Hey JUDSON, Read your article and this one really is impactful. You made your point big time. Corrupt law firm, fined $4.6 million by the Justice department and the head of the Delaware Supreme Court and the head of the Chancery are from the same law firm? Bouchard’s handling of the TransPerfect case has been terrible and now he is preventing documents from being given out to the public? This guy at the best should be removed as Chancellor and at the worst should not be reappointed. Hope you will be around to testify when that time comes ! Keep up the great work. Your political articles are amazing, but this TransPerfect stuff is sensational.


8) From Erin

Great stuff JUD. What an excellent article and expose of Andre Bouchard. He has got to go. Keep up the great work!


9) From John C.

JUDSON, It’s a Simple answer: Absolute arrogance and greed!


10) From Eric R.

You are a loose cannon stirring the pot! As your wife Maria used to say as you stomped your feet up the stairs to your office, “Who are you gonna piss off now, Judson?” Keep it up, we know you are right and appreciate your guts. Love you, brother!

11) From Eric B.

I really enjoyed your article. Thanks for continuing to peel off the layers of deceit manufactured by Bouchard. I feel sorry for Mr. Shawe and anyone else that has to come before Bouchard’s kangaroo court.