Dear Friends,

Never in my lifetime, especially as I grow into my golden years, have I seen my country deteriorate to the point it has, because of the despicable and incompetent leadership of President Joe Biden. Everything he has done is wrong and based on corruption and lies.

Folks, when millions of undocumented, un-vetted illegals from all over the world are able to walk in our country bringing horrendous disease, drugs, and crime with them, including terrorists who want to hurt us, is without a doubt a crime being committed by Joe Biden. His orders are in direct violation of our laws and are paramount to treason. The border situation is costing the American taxpayers billions of dollars!! When illegal aliens can beat up NYC police officers with impunity, something is radically wrong!

Biden’s phony Green New Deal agenda is fallacious beyond reason and is designed to institute government control over our lives. His reluctance to implement nuclear energy, natural gas, clean coal plants, and clean refineries, shows his acute ignorance. We need petroleum for all our energy needs and Biden’s attempt at the destruction of our oil industry is absurd. When windmills and solar energy are so well defined that they can replace our current system, then it is reasonable, but that is years away if ever. Biden took us from being the world’s number one exporter of oil to being dependent on foreign oil. Biden has also depleted most of our oil reserves!

I have never seen a weaker President in regard to foreign affairs. It appears that Biden is compromised by China, Ukraine, and Iran! His withdrawal from Afghanistan was outrageous. The influence peddling is frightening and beyond anything in US history!

Folks, Biden and his outrageous policies have got to go. VOTE HIM OUT!

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

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