The glory days of Delaware look to be farther and farther behind us folks, as I look into my rear-view mirror. Delaware’s economic struggles have grown, it’s a destination for late-term abortion, unemployment is worsening, the courts are corrupt, members of the legislative are at odds with each other and there seems to be limited compromise.

Delaware was once a place I was proud to say I was born and raised. It is America’s first state — known as the small wonder — a national leader in economic development, first in judicial equity court, great beaches and fishing, no sales tax, and a legislature that always sought compromise.

And to make matters worse, University of Delaware football — my fall weekend escape — has been awful. I have deep pride in the University of Delaware, where I earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. The football team used to dominate Division 1 AA football with occasional big-school upsets. UD’s glory days are gone and I fear the state is following the same path.

Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent, ask yourself: Are you OK standing by while our economic resources dwindle? Are you OK with fewer jobs? Are you proud to be from a state that allows our state’s Equity Court to operate with perceived corruption? Which seems to be overlooked by the Bar Association?

And our courts are in shambles. Chancery Court Chancellor Andre Bouchard has put Delaware in the national spotlight with the way he handled and continues to handle the TransPerfect case. It has really taken its toll on our reputation. It was so bad that many employees banded together to form Citizens for Pro-Business Delaware and now Delawareans have joined in droves with over 5,000 members in the group. They’re going after our courts, asking for transparency and accountability. Finally, a group is actually looking for progress in Delaware, and of course, they’re met with resistance — when there’s a real chance here for Delaware to move forward.

I fear the outlook is bleak as Delaware’s state taxes will have to go through the roof as our corporate franchise taxes are being eroded.

I want to be proud of Delaware — I am no longer!

Am I alone in this? How are you feeling about our once great state??