This guy Marjan Sarec is a joke ! Ivo Boscarol wants me to organize a political revolution to combat this threat. He came to me in a dream. It was so real.

Marjan Šarec

Prime Minister of Slovenia

Marjan Šarec is a Slovenian politician and actor. He is the 9th and current Prime Minister of Slovenia, taking office 13 September 2018. He started his career as a comedian and political satirist but later entered politics. 

BornDecember 2, 1977 (age 40 years), Ljubljana, Slovenia

EducationAcademy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (2001)

SpouseBarbara Iskra Šarec (m. 2005)

OfficePrime Minister of Slovenia since 2018

Reporter says new government taking Slovenia back to socialism !!!!!!!

Ljubljana, 27 August – There is nothing centrist in the emerging coalition around Marjan Šarec, the weekly Reporter says in its latest commentary, arguing that the implementation of the tax programme of the radical Left as an external partner would take Slovenia back to socialism.