Subject:  Delaware’s Chancellor Bouchard Orders Another Delaware Corporation Dissolved-BAD FOR BUSINESS ? 

From: Abner Pedraza

Judson, This guy sounds worse than the rotten deep state that has attacked our country

and tried to overthrow the government. Typical Democrat move by an incompetent JUDGE!

Keep up the great work exposing this bastard! ABNER

From: Linda Collins

My God, does this guy ever stop with his corruption—right in the face of all of us.

So much arrogance, so much hubris.Thanks for keeping us updated. Linda Collins

From: Brian J. Mann


How can the State Legislature close their eyes to this? It seems as if Chancellor Bouchard hurts companies instead of helping them. Certainly not good for Delaware’s business or future. So terribly absurd!

Keep up the good work. Love your articles.

Best regards,

Brian Mann

From: Archibald Lingo

Hey Judson,

The corruption in the Delaware Judiciary has been going on for years. The Democrats have become so blatant with it, it is apparent for all to see.

Unless we get rid of this Status Quo Legislature, nothing will change. Another Delaware incorporated company will bite the dust at the hands of Bouchard. He has got to go! Keep up the good work you do.  ARCHIE

From: Bob Weiner

Judson: When a judge withholds public documents that people have a right to see, all kinds of red flags go up? When a Judge colludes with an attorney involved in a case he is presiding over, it is criminal. I can remember being so proud of being a Delawarean, but no more. It is hard to believe our state has become so business unfriendly! It used to be there was compromise, and reason, and yes justice. The likes of these Skadden Arps former lawyers and their collusion with each other is outrageous! “Inspirion Delivery Services, LLC” looks like another bad decision by this crazy Chancellor. This is simply outrageous. Keep the articles coming, maybe the boys in Dover will blink when they realize their jobs are in trouble. Keep up the pressure! BOB

From:Jack Renault


From – Charles Copland

Judson, you are really shaking things up and the people are talking. Subjective rulings without logic or standing on decided matters is bad business and is basically creating new law“legislating from the bench.” Why haven’t the Philip Shawe people filed for FOYA Requests to get the records? It will be interesting to see if Bouchard continues to feather his cronies’ nests? Keep up the good work. CHARLIE

From: Carol Wagner

Wow, more of the same. This business with TransPerfect and now another fiasco in the Chancery Court. I can’t believe what a blind eye these liberal jerks in our state house have. Unfortunately, if the people in Washington think there is a Swamp — check out Delaware — IT IS PURE QUICKSAND! Thanks for your efforts JUD. Keep the bastards thinking. Great work! Best regards, Carol

From: Ed Speraw

Why would anybody want to incorporate in Delaware, when the Chancellor can sell your company out from under you? Seems like things are going from bad to worse. If Delaware loses its franchise taxes, the red hole will be so deep, “Hades” will be a cool place in comparison. Keep exposing this jerk, Judson.

We love your articles.  ED

From: Adrian Bellinger

Dear Mr. Bennett,

As a small business owner incorporated in Delaware I am extremely concerned. It is beyond me why the legislature which is controlled by the Democrats is so business unfriendly. Eventually, the bottom is going to fall out if Chancellor Bouchard keeps creating these untenable situations. You don’t force the sale of a company because of stockholder or director disagreements.. Might have to reorganize in Nevada! I appreciate your great writing and your guts. Thank you. 

Adrian Bellinger