Dear Friends,

My views on the Trump visit to Tulsa, Oklahoma are as follows: As an avid Trump supporter, I was delighted to see him back in action. I had mixed thoughts about the safety issue with the virus situation. However, the country must open, and until, we have a Vaccine, the danger exists. As a diabetic, I would not have gone. There were many people thwarted from going by protestors and of course the fear of the virus.

I enjoyed Trump’s speech and the crowd loved it. He preached his successes as usual and emphasized the need for law and order. The smaller crowd was naturally made fun of by the malicious media, however, 9,000 was a good number when you consider Joe Biden is lucky to get 20 people if he can remember where he is.

I really was impressed with the Oklahoma police organization and the fantastic security and crowd control that was implemented. The secret service had a huge force there as well. What could have turned into another “Black Lives Matter/Antifa” outburst was perfectly handled by the Oklahoma folks. God bless them.

There is no doubt that our culture is changing. No doubt our entire way of life is one that IN AN INSTANT could evolve into terrible danger with total chaos! Oklahoma seems to have it under control. GO TRUMP!

Sincerely yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network