I was traveling last week and found myself in the familiar space as so many of my readers as having to use a public restroom. I can’t begin to tell you the horrors that went through my mind as desperation took hold and gave me no choice. I’m being more graphic here than I’d like to be, but it’s to make a point about something that I saw this week that can help change that experience for me and for all of you out there, forever.

When I received the media alert for a new company called Microlumix I was curious. A startup biotech firm has built a system of devices that kill virtually all traces of bacterial and viral agents on touchpoint surfaces that most of us use daily; doorknobs and handles, elevator buttons, public bathroom latches, for now. As Debra Vanderhoff, the company’s Chairman & Chief Operating Officer suggested, they are also working on a device that does the same for toilet seats too.

The real-time video of GermPass at work is available for your viewing pleasure here

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