Charles Taylor

OMMM: Transforming Lives Through Accessible Meditation and Song

It’s a spiritual experience. We can immediately shift the mood of anyone when we sing and play….

11 May, 2023
Gaurav Srivastava delivers powerful speech at Global Food Security Forum

Gaurav Srivastava, a prominent businessman and philanthropist, delivered a powerful speech at the recent Global Food Security Forum. The event, which brought together experts from various fi…

17 January, 2023
Building The Next Frontier with Cryptocurrencies and a Next Gen Workplace

We are in a time when creators of the world are thinking about new paradigms for finance (Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies), governance (DAOs), and society (social media).  But many of these mode…

13 December, 2022
MicroLumix’ GermPass can Save Your Life

When I received the media alert for a new company called Microlumix I was curious. A startup biotech firm has built a system of devices that kill virtually all traces of bacterial and viral …

01 March, 2022
Possibly the end of an abusive era for TransPerfect/Milim in Delaware

The employees and leadership of the world’s largest translation, language services, and e-discovery companies, TransPerfect Global, with 6500 employees in over 100 offices, including the I…

01 May, 2021
New Documentary “Covert Cash” Exposes Funding American Universities Receive from Foreign Powers 

Covert Cash alleges that these institutes are a front for a larger operation: the Chinese Government’s never-ending mission to ensure they have a “soft power” foothold on each col…

06 November, 2020
Response to Sherwin Pomerantz on Milim/TransPerfect and the Delaware business climate

Pomerantz suggests that the case is not controversial, but there have been no fewer than 57 articles on this TransPerfect case since it first appeared on the records.  That is a lot of prin…

11 April, 2017