Dear friends,

Today is Tuesday, July 13, 2021 and I am especially offended and annoyed today, because the traditional Major League Baseball “All-Star Game” is being played tonight in Denver, Colorado, when it should be played in Atlanta, Georgia. It was outrageously moved from Atlanta to Denver to falsely punish Georgia’s citizens, costing local business owners millions of dollars in needed revenue.

The arbitrary and capricious reason it was moved was because the new Georgia voting law was falsely labeled by President Joe Biden and his Democrat handlers as “Jim Crow on Steroids”. This is false in every regard and aspect. The Georgia voting law, if anything, provides more opportunities for fair and open elections. The political decision based on false accusations to move the All-Star Game, to the detriment of the great state of Georgia, is an outrage.

The All-Star Game is on Fox tonight. I won’t be watching. In fact, I won’t be watching any Major League baseball this year. Let us all boycott baseball and see what happens to these absurd players and organizers? A decision was made, to intentionally hurt the people of Georgia, by Major League Baseball, for a reason that was false. The decision was ill-conceived and the sport does not deserve our support because of it.

You want to make a difference? Watch no baseball this year or attend any games. Get politics out of baseball and all professional sports. Major League Baseball performs and operates only because we the people support them. Stop the support, as I am, and watch renewed humility develop.

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,

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