Dear Friends,

The United States is now a banana republic. Our freedoms are gone and the prosecution of Donald Trump is absolutely outrageous.

New York City is an open sewer of crime, much of which is no longer prosecuted. Muggings, hijackings, and worse are common and not even considered by corrupt Alvin Bragg! When a former President is charged for nothing, the Orwellian society of the Democrats can and will come after you. We have now lost our country.

I will die before I let this stand. If you are a Democrat you are my enemy. I demand that Biden be impeached for treason and his crackhead son be indicted. That would be pure justice.

I am now backing Trump 100%.

I urge my fellow citizens to rise up and vote these despicable monsters out of office.

That’s all I have to say.

Your comments are welcome.

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network