We may finally see a glimmer of justice in the TransPerfect case in Delaware’s Chancery Court. With Kathaleen McCormick in charge, maybe there’s a chance?

The Bouchard-Era Corruption has to end, folks. The obvious cronyism, conflicts, appearances of impropriety and favoritism that compromised Bouchard’s tenure as Delaware’s Chancellor, especially in his handling of the TransPerfect case, from my perspective, needs to come to an end under McCormick. His resignation 5-years before his term expired clearly shows evidence of wrong-doing that looks to have been covered up by his resigning.

Here’s some of the feedback from my recent column, “TransPerfect Wins Legal Victories Against Skadden Arps & Bob Pincus and After Three Years Too Long, the “Custodians” Are Finally Discharged.” I always appreciate your feedback!

Beverly C:
We can only hope that McCormick is twice the Chancellor that Bouchard wasn’t.
Keep us updated, Judson.

John P:
I don’t get how these guys were able to get so much money from this company without any penalty. What the hell is going on in our state?

Joanna U:
Judson, thank you. Maybe this will help those workers. So much money that should have been theirs. Keep up the good stories.

Franklin B:
I don’t get this whole thing. I do get that people are being ripped off here!

Garrison M:
So good to see the wheels of justice moving slowly in the right direction. Those Skadden guys seem like crooks! Are you afraid they’ll come after you?

William K:
The whole TransPerfect case has been an insidious debacle that embarrassed Delaware. Hopefully McCormick will bring some equity to the situation and return Delaware’s Court of Chancery to the national status it once enjoyed.

John W:
Finally, it seems that some justice for TransPerfect is happening. Your expose’ of this entire saga has been impressive. Thanks for what you do.

Laura S:
In a small state like Delaware, the legal community, especially in the Chancery Court, is intertwined and connected. This Court has been suspect for many years.

Cathy W:
“Excellent reporting, keep up the good work!”

Sally B:
Our Delaware incorporation industry depends on the fairness and equity of the Chancery which is the basis of why Delaware has been the leader in incorporating the majority of Fortune 500 companies. The needed Franchise Taxes are important for Delaware’s solvency. Let’s hope McCormick will restore some trust in the Delaware system. Good job Judson.

Folks, thank you for your feedback and loyal participation over the years. Please keep the comments coming. They are a valuable tool as a barometer of your interest and attitude on these topics.

Respectfully Submitted,
JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network