Nemat (Minouche) Shafik, an Egyptian female Arab, unfortunately became the 20th president of Columbia University on July 1, 2023. President Shafik recently testified before Congress promising that the anti-semitism on its campus, where Jewish students are being assaulted and terrified, would be stopped. She is obviously a lightweight, a liar, and a Palestinian sympathizer. Yesterday, after absurd and inappropriate negotiations with the protesting students giving them a 2 PM deadline to leave, they did not leave and absolutely nothing was done. “The fox is in charge of the hen house.” Now the haters of Jews have taken over a building (Hamilton Hall), and still the President of this once esteemed institution has not brought in the police, sending a clear message of support for the terrorist organization Hamas!!!! Chants of kill all the Jews, death to Israel, death to America are heard throughout the campus! An American flag was removed and burned and then a Palestinian flag was raised in its place. Columbia has led the charge of definite hate along with the rest of the Ivy League schools influencing and opening the reality that hatred of Jews is being taught throughout America in many of our colleges.

Frankly, in my view, the once heralded achievement of being accepted and graduating from Ivy League institutions such as Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Cornell, is no more. These schools have evolved into over-rated, extremely expensive bastions of hate and misguided values being run by incompetent people. I would value a graduate of a local community college more than a graduate of Columbia University at this point in time.

The reality of what is happening throughout our country is partially the result of the ambivalent and mixed messages sent by President Joe Biden, who has criticized Israel’s campaign to eliminate Hamas, giving way to these outrageous actions.

Who would have thought that our country’s universities would be overwhelmed by hatred of Jews, run and supported by a minority of foreign students, combined with ignorant students taught by evil professors, and weak administrators.

The likes of Nemat Shafik of Columbia should be fired, the police and the national guard should be called in NOW, and this outrage immediately stopped! Folks this situation is beyond any reasonable understanding or justification. The situation is fluid and I wonder how it will be ultimately resolved?

In my view, any foreign student who demonstrates against America should be expelled and deported. Any student involved in these hate crimes should also be expelled and arrested. Folks, it is time to take back our country from this disgraceful situation. As long as the insipid democrats and Joe Biden are running our country the academic operation will continue to disintegrate. GOD help us!

That is the way I see it. As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

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