Dear Friends,

I watched with disdain and disgust Biden’s State of the Union address. His portrayal of our country’s current state was filled with inaccuracies and propaganda. Biden, despite his limited mental state, is still able to read a teleprompter and was able to deliver his speech successfully, while the insipid and misguided Democrats fawned over his corrupt words.

A couple of notables:

1) New House Speaker Kevin McCarthy remained a gentleman and did not rip up Biden’s speech as did classless Nancy Pelosi during Trump’s last State of the Union address.

2) Jill Biden looked jaded, stressed, and frumpy. Her purple dress was tasteless.


Some of the despicable misrepresentations that Biden regurgitated were as follows:

1) Biden claims that the shooting down of the Chinese spy Balloon was an exhibition of U.S. strength, when in fact it showed very poor judgement. The Balloon should have been shot down way before it transgressed the entire American continent.

2) Biden claimed he inherited a broken immigration system, and is doing everything he can to fix it. Nothing is further from the truth. Biden created the immigration problem and is doing nothing to fix it.

3) Biden said he inherited a high-inflation economy. When this absurd President took office, inflation was 1.45% . It is now 7%.

4) He stated he had reduced our budget deficit by trillions of dollars. The deficit has increased under Biden’s foolish policies.

5) Biden claimed he has brought down energy prices and is doing everything possible to increase our oil and gas production. Biden has depleted our oil reserves, destroyed our oil industry, and created the situation that has inspired the inflation in our economy.

6) Biden claimed the economy was in free fall when he took office. Nothing was further from the truth. The economy was in great shape when he took office. He has destroyed it.

7) Biden stated his illegal possession of classified documents is nothing out of the ordinary. Another outrageous lie.


Folks, Biden is a hypocrite and a criminal in my opinion. The State of the Union is a mess. As long as Biden is President, things are only going to get worse.


What do you think?

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network