Dear friends,

Every so often I depart from my usual political punditry and use the “Coastal Network” to share personal stuff. As most of my readers know, being a lifelong Delawarean, born and raised in Lewes, Delaware, a graduate of St. Andrew’s School and the University of Delaware, I consider myself an expert on Delaware, its history, and all things political—especially Joe Biden.

I moved to Palm Beach, Florida seven years ago after the death of my wife Maria who died a terrible and painful death from breast cancer. People ask how I am doing and I must say in all honesty, this past year was for me personally and emotionally, the most difficult one of my life, as I am sure it was for many of you. I was for a whole year, pretty much isolated, due to the dreaded Covid 19 pandemic.

I was totally without female companionship, having experienced an upsetting and failed relationship with an old girlfriend. Indeed I was upset about the national political situation as well, having lost friends over the Trump/Biden debacle, which is the only way to describe it.

Folks, I truly admit to being afraid, and I was lonely for the first time in my life. All I can say is thank God for my wonderful, adopted cat, “Miss Josephine,” who loves me unconditionally, who always was willing to snuggle up, especially when the incessant feeling of being lonely seemed to prevail and was overly disconcerting. I am sure at times, many of you experienced the same sense of desperation. When you don’t have a spouse, and you live alone, a pet can be a life saver. My cat surely was for me.

Finally, able to get both Covid vaccine shots after being overlooked and bypassed by 40,000 people (I took the Moderna Vaccine) and living under the direction of the nation’s best Governor in Ron DeSantis, who at least allowed us freedom, I have now been able to re-establish some normalcy and human to human communication that has made me feel much better.

I can’t imagine how terrible it must have been to live in Delaware, New York, or New Jersey and watch your livelihoods destroyed and having to live under that grotesque despotism and tyranny, perpetrated by those state’s Governors.

Man is not an island and we surely need each other. Regardless, folks I am back in action, I am really fit for an ancient mariner, not bad looking, little baggage, and have a few bucks — so ladies, check me out— I am a conservative Republican with some social tolerance who loves to travel and loves action! I also like “long, slow kisses that last 3 days” (line from the movie “Bull Durham”) LOL.

Like most places, workers are being paid by the federal government, not to work, and Florida does have an employment problem. I ate breakfast the other day at the nationally-known restaurant chain “Toojays” on Palm Beach Island. Folks, the food was not fit to eat, the service was terrible, and the manager had no clue. Low quality workers or none at all seem to pervade many of the former, popular restaurants even in the free state of Florida. Regardless, people are flocking to South Florida in droves, as prosperity is way ahead of the national curve here in the Sunshine state.

Folks, things are better for me these days as I hope they are for you. I have hope for the future which is extremely important. Indeed, “Hope springs eternal”—as stated brilliantly by Alexander Pope in his “Essay on Man.”

As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Best regards,
JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network