Dear Friends,

I was dismayed, shocked, and angered at the vicious, apparently surprise attack by the terrorist group Hamas, backed and financed by Iran which was funded by the Biden administration. Thousands of missiles fired from the Gaza Strip, overwhelming the Iron Dome, while a thousand Hamas infiltrators killed over 800 women and children, and took prisoner hundreds of Israelis including some Americans.

Folks, what do we do with someone who is a mass murderer? We remove them from society. Hamas does not want peace. They want to eliminate Israel and America. It is time to kill every Hamas terrorist and flatten the Gaza Strip. The Jews have been discriminated against for centuries and Hitler killed over 6 million Jews! Israel has fought to establish its own country and turned the desert into a garden. Enough of these nefarious monsters–have absolutely no mercy!

The major rub is the fact that Biden recently gave Iran over a billion dollars which funded the operation, despite claims to the contrary by the White House. 

Israel intends to destroy Hamas and take control of the Gaza Strip and Palestine. Already, some treasonous members of Congress are trying to stop Israel from achieving what is necessary.

I urge the complete and utter devastation of Hamas and those who support them. I support Israel 100%.

As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Submitted,

JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network