Breaking News, folks: Elizabeth Elting’s attorney Kevin Shannon of Potter Anderson has made a new filing in the TransPerfect Global case. The filing allows his best buddy (you guessed it), Chancellor Andre Bouchard, to sink his tentacles into TransPerfect’s company coffers and possibly get the payola flowing out, once again! If the love of money is the root of all evil, Shannon and Bouchard are in my opinion its richest fertilizer. This story truly seems to have no end! 


If you want to understand what I personally consider the colluding crooks of the Delaware Court system (Shannon & Bouchard) are up to now, stay tuned to the Coastal Network. I believe I am uniquely positioned, having earned the trust of more sources on the inside than any other commentator.


From what I have been told, I believe their latest scam to enrich themselves and their friends will shock your consciousness. First, I ask, why after having closed the case and after TransPerfect having fled our jurisdiction to Nevada to escape perceived corruption, is the Chancellor so eager to rip open old wounds and get TransPerfect back in his cross hairs? As they say on Wall Street, it’s about money and greed for certain corrupt Delaware elites.


I will explain Shannon’s apparent scam in a nutshell, as verified by multiple sources within the company. As part of the deal (or more accurately, what I see as state-sponsored blackmail), in order to keep the company he built, my understanding is that Bouchard made Shawe provide legal protection (known as “indemnity”) to Elting for wrongdoing related to lawsuits against her by former employees. Because of this, Elting’s team now seems to have no downside, so she (or more accurately, her bill-happy lawyers: Kramer Levin in New York, Potter Anderson in Delaware) appear to be working to sabotage the cases for which they are co-defendants with Shawe and TransPerfect. 


Shawe and TransPerfect will have to be responsible by order of Chancellor Bouchard. Based on the contract with the Chancery Court, Shawe and his company TransPerfect Global has to handle Elting’s defense. Rather than sit back and enjoy their $385 million and 100% protection and “indemnity” that Bouchard forced Shawe to provide, Elting’s lawyers seem to be trying to make a mockery of theses cases and drive up their own legal bills (which will have to be paid by TransPerfect!), and keep on fighting in front of Bouchard. As I see it, because of Shannon’s perceived special relationship with Bouchard, they must feel they have no downside in sabotaging other litigations for which Shawe is paying the bill?


If you think I’m off base about how excited Bouchard was to get this wildly-successful company to start subsidizing legal time-meters all over the world once again, wait until you hear this: From what I heard, Shannon made a motion asking for permission to keep the case going, with extra pages (more pages equals more money for Shannon, less money for TransPerfect employees), and hold on to your hats, as I have heard from multiple reliable sources… Bouchard GRANTED Shannon’s motion to keep the fight going in the Chancery Court within 3 hours!!! (Chancellor, you could have at least pretended to be objective and not given the appearance that you and Shannon are colluding and coordinating behind the scenes. Perception is key, especially in this case. You couldn’t have possibly even READ the motion as fast as you granted it?!)


Now what’s worse than Bouchard having his clerks (who I have heard lie in wait for cushy Skadden jobs) standing ready to auto-approve Kevin Shannon’s every request, as he did for nearly 4 years? What’s worse than our Chancellor, who by his suspicious actions, could be betraying his sworn oaths and duties as a judge? What’s worse than a judge granting such windfalls to the side with zero witnesses to purposefully make settlement impossible? And what is worse than having, in my view, a Chancellor destroy Delaware’s business image and rankings (Dropping from #1 to #11) just to enrich his cronies? What’s worse? Watching Bouchard and his cronies gear up to seemingly milk it all over again??


Lawmakers, wake up and smell what I believe is the corruption in the Delaware Chancery! How pungent must the stench of Bouchard’s crazy operation be before you act, I ask? In my view, and in the view of countless other Delawareans who have written into my Coastal Network, Bouchard’s Chancery Court has morphed from a once widely respected institution, to what seems to me to be a corrupt third-world Kangaroo Court. TransPerfect would have gotten a fairer shake by suing Putin in Moscow. Wake up and pass reforms that will oust or limit the power of what I think is a Manchurian Candidate of a Chancellor, drunk with power.


In my view, this man is a menace to what the Delaware Court of Chancery is supposed to be about, which is equity and fairness! I believe no judiciary purporting to be honorable and running a clean shop would, could, or should allow him a seat at the table, much less, at the head of the table. It looks to me that Bouchard views the Chancery Court as a place not to ensure that justice is done, or to maintain Delaware’s reputation for business fairness, vested in him by the legislature, but as a personal play-thing, where he can make crazy, unprecedented, and unpredictable rulings that hurt 4,000 working families, just to enrich a few of his cronies, and the Chancellor apparently has no cozier crony, than his old, dear friend Kevin Shannon of Potter Anderson.


Stay tuned for more coverage. It seems at the moment that I’m the only correspondent with the inside scoop here. Either way, I promise to bring the citizens of Delaware the truth that no one else will. 


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